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tZERO to Offer Public Trading Starting Aug. 12, Expects Up To...

Overstock subsidiary tZERO is scheduled to open trading options on its security tokens up to the public in four days. Retail giant Overstock’s blockchain subsidiary company, tZERO, plans to allow the public to trade its security tokens in four days. Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZERO, shared the announcement with CoinDesk, per a report published on Aug. 8. According to the announcement, Aug. 12 marks the end of a one year lock period following the company’s 2018 token offering. Noursalehi additionally commented that the company is expecting as many as 50,000 new investors, who have already bought Overstock shares, to begin trading their digital security tokens. Despite not seeing a large amount of registration by press time, Noursalehi said that investors are reaching out to learn more: “We had a lot of broker-dealers, about 30 or 40, reach out to us that want to get involved in this ecosystem [...] We’re working on these requests. Investors have been sending questions as well. They are ex..

Mining ASIC Giant Bitmain Lost $625 Million, Expects Profits in April

Chinese mining and mining Application Specific Integrated Circuit manufacturer Bitmain lost $625 million in the first two months of this year. Chinese mining and mining Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) manufacturer Bitmain lost $625 million in the first two months of this year, local media QQ reports on Aug. 2. Hundreds of millions lostPer the report, the firm sustained losses of $625 million by March, $345 during January, and $280 million during February. Those results were reportedly driven by the sales of outdated 16 nanometer ASICs at low prices, and once the inventory is cleared of those machines, new profits are expected from the sale of new, 7 nanometer mining rigs. The gross profit margin of the company is expected to reach 30% in April thanks to sales of the aforementioned device. At the end of March, the firm announced that its 7 nanometer Antminer S17 series miners are expected to launch on April 9. As Cointelegraph reported in June, Bitmain is revisiting plan..

Hamburg Senate Issues First Blockchain Report, Expects DLT to Grow

Per its first comprehensive report on the subject, the Senate of Hamburg expects blockchain tech to grow within the city. The Senate of Hamburg has introduced the first comprehensive report on the development of blockchain activities in the city. Hamburg Senate expects the role of blockchain to increase in the coming yearsIn an official statement on July 23, the Hamburg authority stated that several blockchain initiatives have been piloted in the city as the senate expects the role of blockchain technology to grow in coming years. Senator Michael Westhagemann emphasized that the city of Hamburg relies on real strengths of the technology, while other cities are positioning themselves as a location for the development of blockchain-powered financial instruments in gray areas of regulation. Westhagemann elaborated that the city intends to deliver genuine value to blockchain projects by introducing real efficiency gains and a higher level of security. Hamburg took part in several DLT proj..

Coinbase Custody Holds $1.3B in Assets Under Custody, Expects to Hit...

Coinbase Custody announced that it holds $1.3 billion in assets under custody and the firm expects to hit $2 billion soon. Coinbase Custody revealed that it holds $1.3 billion in assets under custody (AUC) and the firm expects to hit $2 billion AUC soon in a Twitter thread published on June 13. In a series of tweets, what is evidently the official Coinbase Custody Twitter account reported that last week the company’s CEO, Sam McIngvale, and its chief information security officer, Philip Martin, visited the United Kingdom. The purpose of the visit was reportedly “to discuss the institutional cryptoeconomy with a range of prospects and clients.” During the meeting, the firm’s representatives argued that, while many believe that there are no institutional-grade offerings in the cryptocurrency space, Coinbase Custody is in fact such an offering. The firm’s representatives stated that the company is insured, regulated and secure custodian. The thread also specifies: “We have $1.3bn AUC and..

Central Bank of Russia Expects Crypto Draft Bill to Be Adopted...

The first deputy governor of the Russian central bank said that the bank expects the local crypto bill to be adopted in the spring session. The central bank of Russia believes that the draft bill on crypto regulation is prepared enough to be adopted in the spring of 2019, local news agency TASS reports on May 22. Olga Skorobogatova, first deputy governor of the Russian central bank, has stated that the bank expects the crypto bill, “On Digital Financial Assets” (DFA), to be adopted during the spring session in 2019 in accordance with the order of the country’s president, Vladimir Putin. Speaking at a recent meeting of the Parliament, Skorobogatova argued that the DFA, as well as a draft law on crowdfunding and other crypto-related bills, are at a “sufficiently high degree of preparedness” to be adopted during the session. The official has also emphasized that all those draft laws are “crucial for the country and will allow for the implementation of new projects.” Conversely, Russian p..

Crypto Mining Firm Argo Blockchain Expects Cash Breakeven in May With...

Cryptocurrency mining firm Argo Blockchain expects a breakeven in May following an investment in new mining equipment. Cryptocurrency mining firm Argo Blockchain expects a breakeven following an investment in new mining equipment, according to a press release published on the London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) site on May 8. London-based Argo said that it expects a cash breakeven in May, and outlined its intention to continue to expand its mining infrastructure as hardware prices become cheaper. The company expects that 1,000 units of Bitmain Z11 miners that came into production on May 2 will improve gross margin during the second quarter. Argo further reveals that it has settled a purchase of 1,000 units of S17 miners for “a total consideration of £1.7 million ($2.2 million) with plans to put it into production in early July.” Executive Chairman Jonathan Bixby said, "We strongly believe that the cryptocurrency market has considerable long-term potential to become a major asset class and t..

Binance Chain Launches, Firm Expects to Execute Mainnet Swap on April...

Binance has started producing blocks on its Binance Chain, plans to execute mainchain swap on April 23. Binance has launched its mainnet Binance Chain and expects to execute the swap of its native token Binance Coin (BNB) on April 23, according to an announcement on April 18. The major crypto exchange first revealed its plans to launch its own blockchain in December 2018, intending to build a basis for issuing new cryptocurrencies and initial coin offering tokens. According to the announcement, Binance is producing blocks with consensus from the genesis block as of today, with its native coin BNB planned to be issued in the genesis block. Binance Chain Explorer and Web Wallet will be available to selected partners in beta testing mode and are expected to be opened to public access “around April 23, 2019,” the announcement notes. Along with the launch of Binance Chain, the exchange provided details for the conversion of ERC-20 BNB tokens into native Binance Chain-based BNB (BEP2) coins..

Nvidia Expects to Finish Selling Leftover Inventory From Crypto Bear Market...

Nvidia, which saw a massive drop in GPU sales due to the crypto bear market, is now confident it will sell out leftover inventory in Q1. Major global chip maker Nvidia expects to complete sales of remaining inventory built up in expectation of crypto mining demand, according to a Bloomberg report on March 19. The company is now working on selling the crypto-oriented inventory that remained unsold as the crypto bear market continues. The firm predicted that it would be able to sell the excess inventory by the end of the current quarter. After Nvidia saw massive market growth amidst increased demand for crypto mining hardware from 2016 to 2018, the firm was hit hard by the extended crypto bear market, with its stock becoming the worst performer in the S&P 500 at the end of 2018. Now, the California-headquartered computer hardware manufacturer said that it is still working through the stockpile of unsold inventory and remains confident that the company will be able to complete that ef..

New Zealand: Hacked Exchange Cryptopia Expects to Resume Trading by End...

The hacked New Zealand exchange launched the Cryptopia Loss Marker, which will be used in the rebate process for hacked accounts. Cryptopia, the recently hacked New Zealand crypto exchange, has posted an update on March 17 concerning its plan to resume trading on its platform, which is expected by the end of March. In the post, Cryptopia’s co-founder Rob (Hex) Dawson stated that the company is entirely committed to reopening the exchange. Hex provided Cryptopia customers with data about the ongoing rebate process, as well as general recommendations for interacting with their accounts. Cryptopia relaunched its website in read-only form on March 5, with the platform showing the balances as they were at Jan. 14, 2019, the date of the $16 million hack. The exchange explained that the website can be used to reset passwords and two-factor authentication credentials, which is also a top priority issue in terms of client support at the current stage, Hex wrote. In the new announcement, Crypto..

Fundstrat Expects 2019 to Bring Incremental Improvements Supporting Higher Crypto Prices

Fundstrat Global Advisors issues its 2019 crypto outlook stating that the major coins will soon recover. New York-based research company Fundstrat Global Advisors has released its 2019 crypto outlook on Friday, Feb. 8. The analysts describe incremental improvements that will purportedly support higher prices for cryptocurrencies. Tom Lee, Fundstrat’s co-founder and pro-crypto Wall Street analyst, commented on the study in his Twitter. He posted an introduction to the study and infographics that trace key market tendencies from 2017 to now. “We see 9 incremental improvements in the landscape that ultimately support higher prices,” Lee’s tweet states. The preview of the introduction chapter provides a brief assessment of 2018, which, according to Fundstrat, has brought a lot of disappointment. The analysts state that negative headwinds, such as the initial coin offering (ICO) post-hangover, adverse regulatory developments and excessive exuberance have reversed some of crypto’s achieveme..
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