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Expert: Facebook’s Libra Could Face Difficulties Entering Thai Market

Facebook’s long-awaited stablecoin Libra could face a difficult roll out in Thailand due to the coin’s uncertain legal status in the country, according to an expert. Facebook’s long-awaited stablecoin Libra could face a difficult roll out in Thailand due to the coin’s uncertain legal status in the country, an expert told the Bangkok Post on July 9. Fiscal Policy Office legal officer Sumaporn Manason argued that Libra will likely run up against difficulties entering Thailand as the cryptocurrency does not fall under any of local financial legislation. Sumaporn stated: “The cryptocurrency does not fit under the Bank of Thailand's Currency Act because it does not have the characteristics of legal tender as stipulated by law. These characteristics refer to a banknote or coin having value in baht or being identifiable as an object or note used to pay debts or exchange with other currencies in accordance with the law.” Sumaporn further outlined three possible scenarios for Libra such a..

A Bad Time to Short BTC? Bitcoin Recovers Towards $13k as...

Betting against Bitcoin (BTC) may not be the wisest decision for any digital asset investor following the cryptocurrency market trends, particularly involving bitcoin and the top cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Traders Lose $44 Million in Bitcoin (BTC) shorts Cryptocurrency news outlet Cointelegraph reported how BTC shorters lost a whopping $44 million in only a few hours earlier today on one exchange. Citing a Reddit thread for cryptocurrency trading, the crypto site noted that users who took short positions against bitcoin on BitMex exchange lost as much as $44 million Monday morning. By taking a short position, traders bet that the price of bitcoin will go down but that wasn’t the case this morning and they lost. Why You Should not bet Against Bitcoin Now – BTC Price Prediction 2019 There are a number of reasons why this may not be a good time to best against bitcoin (BTC). 2019 is a Bullish Year for Bitcoin (BTC) The downtrend in BTC price which characterized the crypto market last ye..

NEO Will Surge By 264% Soon According To Latest NEO Price...

NEO Coin News – NEO is one of the top smart contract and dApp platforms that is just like Ethereum. At one point, in our previous NEO coin news, we noted that NEO is a possible “Ethereum Killer”. Note that the term Ethereum Killer refers to a group of new blockchains that are direct competitors to Ethereum, the world’s foremost decentralized computer. Over the last few days, the NEO coin price has been lagging behind while other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP have recorded significant gains against the USD and BTC. NEO Coin News – NEO Latest Update – NEO Coin Price – NEO Will Surge By 264% Soon, When Is The Best Time To Buy NEO? A few days ago, Trading Room, a Twitter handle that typically posts about cryptocurrencies posted that NEO is preparing for a price surge. The post was as follows; “NEO/BTC is preparing for a big leg up soon. The expectation that NEO/USDT will print massive gains between 112% and 264% NEO is for investors who have a mid- or long-t..

XRP Isn’t As Good As Bitcoin For Cross-Border Payments Expert Says...

XRP news today – Ripple has made its goal clear from the beginning. The Silicon Valley tech company intends to dominate the cross-border remittance world by replacing SWIFT with xRapid and other decentralized payment protocols. This is why XRP is commonly called the banker’s coin. Ripple sells its xRapid technology to banks and this technology uses XRP as fuel. XRP has proven itself efficient in doing what it was created to do. Digital asset investors on the XRP rich list hope that this xRapid protocol is going to positively influence the XRP prediction 2019 and change the game for Ripple. Apart from using the xRapid protocol, XRP is also one of the fastest and cheapest for international and local transactions. In our previous XRP news, we talked about how XRP has already gotten the attention of many financial institutions. Now, an expert in the space is suggesting that Bitcoin is better than XRP for cross-border payments. XRP Prediction 2019: XRP Price Prediction 2019: XRP News Today..

XRP 589 Dollars Prediction Is Just The Beginning As Expert Predicts...

Ripple News Today – XRP is still among the most popular cryptocurrencies in the space. Over time, Ripple, the parent company of XRP, has been able to make strategic developments and partnerships that have helped to keep XRP on the list of top three applications. Per our previous XRP news, the road hasn’t been smooth for Ripple and XRP. The company has faced criticism regarding the nature of the XRP token and the relationship between the Ripple and XRP. Even if people complain about Ripple’s leadership roles and involvement in XRP, they cannot dispute the fact that the XRP token has strong potential. In fact, many experts have agreed that XRP will soon become the most valuable token in the space. The latest XRP price prediction 2019 places the price of XRP in a wide range of $5 and $10. It also states that the price of XRP has the potential to move as high as $1200. XRP 589 – XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP News Today – XRP Latest Update – Will XRP Rise This Year Considering the curren..

Dogecoin Is A Better Investment Than Bitcoin? Expert Gives Solid Reasons...

Dogecoin is a better investment than Bitcoin. Is this a factual statement or is it baseless? Well, according to an article on CCN, this tipping token may triple in value against the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. What are the odds that Dogecoin will outperform Bitcoin three times over? This Dogecoin price prediction 2019 is difficult to believe considering the fact that the price of Dogecoin has been having issues finding a solid support over the last few days. Per our previous Dogecoin news update, the DOGE price lost the support at $0.0030. This was discouraging considering the fact that the Dogecoin community expected the price to move as high as $0.0050 during the last bull run. Dogecoin Price Prediction 2019 – Dogecoin News Today – Dogecoin News Update – DOGE/USD – Dogecoin Is Better Than Bitcoin The Dogecoin project wasn’t taken seriously by many members of the cryptocurrency community because it started out as a joke by a blockchain developer. Many people believed that it wo..

Expert: SEC Still In Information-Gathering Mode Regarding Bitcoin ETF’s Dave Nadig says that the U.S. SEC is "still in information-gathering mode" regarding a bitcoin ETF. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is "still in information-gathering mode" regarding a bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF), the managing director of told CNBC on May 20. Dave Nadig, managing director of а leading authority on ETFs, delivered his comments on the issue during an interview with the ETF Edge show. Nadig said: “It is clear the SEC is still in information gathering mode. [...] Technically, there are deadlines, but honestly they [SEC] can do what they want, they can kick this down the road until they are comfortable, it is clear from what we are hearing.” While Nadig argued that an ETF will eventually be approved, he does not think it is imminent, and could take at least a quarter. He added that regulators will get more comfortable as the market matures. Earlier today, the SEC announced that it would delay its decision on a propo..

Expert Analysts Claim Ripple [XRP] is Oversold; Identify Critical Point...

Ripple XRP price predictions for 2019 could be really tricky according to one expert analyst who has keenly followed the xrp price chart. This is an xrp news which would, no doubt, interest the xrp rich list and other digital asset investors interested in ripple xrp. While xrp price predictions has not been strongly affected in the recent past by ripple partnerships, this analyst and a number of other ripple xrp observers expect a swift movement in the xrp price chart any moment from now. This could either be a bull ride or a price bust depending on the technical conditions the xrp price chart meets in the coming days. It is DO or DIE for Ripple XRP Expert Analyst Declares Popular cryptocurrency analysts have concluded that ripple xrp is at a crucial point in its technical charts. This point, analysts claim, will determine if the cryptocurrency will surge to new highs or slump in the near term. Before this xrp price prediction, a look at the xrp price analysis today. Ripple XRP Pri..

IOST Price Set To Rise Above $0.10 According To Expert Bullish...

IOST is one of the new ERC-20 tokens that have been making waves in the space for a while now. For a new token, it has gotten a lot of attention. The IOST price is almost always in trading in green on CoinMarketCap even when other cryptocurrencies are trading in red. It quickly became one of the top 100 coins on due to the bullish IOST coin price and market capitalization. Well, this is just the beginning as the IOST price prediction on show that the token has what it takes to move as high as $0.10 soon and $0.25 in five years. IOST Price – IOST Coin – IOST Price Prediction Remains Bullish in 2019 and Beyond In this second quarter of the year, the project is going to move from the testing phase to the mainnet launch. Many of the startups that came around the same time as IOST during the 2017/2018 ICO boom have been wiped out of existence but this project has remained resilient. The IOST blockchain isn’t just used as a foundation for the cryptocurrency but is also an inn..

Official Chinese Currency Renminbi to Become Cryptocurrency, Expert Says

Donald Tapscott, executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, has said that Chinese renminbi will become a crypto. Donald Tapscott, executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, stated that the official Chinese currency, the renminbi (RMB), will become a cryptocurrency, in an interview with Bloomberg on April 17. In the interview, Tapscott revealed that he had recently been at a meeting with the vice-chairman of the Communist Party in China, who recalled that President Xi Jinping thinks that blockchain is one of the most important technologies for the future of the country. Speaking about the government’s ban on cryptocurrency exchanges, Tapscott outlined that China is considering to ban cryptocurrency mining as well, and added: “It’s not really necessary to do that [to ban exchanges and mining] because in 20 years we are not going to be using bitcoin in China. Chinese people will use the RMB, only the RMB will become a cryptocurrency. The central bank of China ..
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