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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Crash Is Only Temporary According To BKCM Founder...

Everyone knows that this year has been tough for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. The bears have taken full control of the market despite several bullish attempts to break out of the trend. A few weeks ago, Bitcoin was commended for low volatility but the bears quickly showed up and pushed the price down by 11% within a 24 hour period. This marked one of the most intense sell-offs in the market this year. Bitcoin (BTC) Is Not Going To Decline Indefinitely During Fast Money on CNBC, Brian Kelly, the CEO and co-founder of BKCM, said that the bearish pressure on BTC and the market as a whole is not going to last forever. In fact, he said that the current price decline was caused because of the ongoing dispute in the Bitcoin Cash community. The ongoing civil war is between the proponents of the Bitcoin Cash development team. One camp is in support of the Bitcoin ABC protocol while the other camp is supporting Bitcoin SV. During the seat down, Kelly said: SEE ALSO: Crypto..

Bitmain Co-Founder Jihan Wu Loses Executive Power in Board Reshuffle, Says...

Unsubstantiated reports quoting a lawyer from Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain suggest co-founder Wu no longer has executive power. Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu is reportedly no longer able to influence corporate decisions at the mining firm, Chinese industry media outlet Sanyang Blockchain reported Nov. 13. Citing an unnamed “financial news” source, Sanyang quotes a lawyer for Bitmain, Tian Yangang, saying that as a result of the redistribution of positions at the company’s executive board, Wu had been demoted from being a “director” to a “supervisor.” “After changing to a supervisor, there are no voting rights, so [Wu’s] power is smaller and [he] cannot participate in the business decision-making of the enterprise,” a rough translation of his comments reads. The news comes three months after Bitmain received a $18 billion valuation ahead of plans to launch an IPO. The move has seen Bitmain court controversy over its financial health, with speculators considering the company’s vast Bitco..

EtherDelta Founder Settles Charges With SEC, Agrees to Pay Penalty

SEC settles all charges against the founder of EtherDelta, Zachary Coburn. The founder has agreed to pay the sum of $300,000 in disgorgement along with $13,000 in prejudgment interest with a $75,000 penalty. Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – ETH / USD Name Price24H (%)$202.57 -0.82% The United States SEC announced that it has settled it’s charges against founder of digital token trading platform, Zachary Coburn. This represents the SEC’s initial enforcement action which is based on reports that a digital token trading platform was operating as an unregistered national securities exchange. The order from SEC The company, EtherDelta, is a online platform that promotes secondary market trading of ERC20 tokens. This is a type of blockchain based token that is issued mainly in initial coin offerings. The order revealed that Coburn allowed the platform to run as an unregistered national securities exchange. The online platform offered its users a marketplace for both sellers and buyers for d..

US SEC Charges, Fines EtherDelta Founder with Operating Unregistered Securities Exchange

U.S. securities watchdog charges Zachary Coburn, founder of crypto trading platform EtherDelta, with operating an unregistered exchange. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Zachary Coburn, the founder of crypto token trading platform EtherDelta, with operating an unregistered securities exchange, a press release by the SEC reveals Thursday, Nov. 8. EtherDelta, which served as a secondary marketplace for trading ERC20 tokens, allows its users to buy and sell digital assets by means of an order book and smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain. According to the SEC, over an 18-month operating period, EtherDelta's users placed more than 3.6 million orders for tokens, including ones that are considered securities by U.S. federal laws. The regulator notes that most of the orders were executed after the DAO report that SEC had released in June 2017. Under the current law, EtherDelta was obliged to register in U.S. or to apply for an exemption; however,..

Police Arrest Indian Crypto Exchange Co-Founder for Unregistered ‘Illegal’ Bitcoin ATM

Police have seized an allegedly unregistered Bitcoin ATM machine in India and arrested its owner, the co-founder of domestic crypto exchange Unocoin. The co-founder of Indian crypto exchange Unocoin has been arrested shortly after setting up an allegedly unregistered Bitcoin (BTC) ATM machine in Bangalore, English-language daily Times of India reports Oct. 24. The 37-year-old co-founder, Harish BV, was apprehended by police after having reportedly installed the ATM kiosk at Kemp Fort Mall on Old Airport Road, together with fellow Unocoin co-founder Sathvik Viswanath. The latter has not been arrested, as per media reports. Indian business magazine Business Today (BT) cites a press statement from the Central Crime Branch (CCB), which claims the ATM installation did not receive “any permission from the state government and is dealing in cryptocurrency outside the remit of the law." CCB officials are further reported to have seized “a teller machine, two laptops, a mobile, three credit ca..

Ethereum, Parity Co-Founder Announces Blockchain Framework for a ‘Multi-Chain World’

Parity Technologies co-founder Gavin Wood demoed a live blockchain launch using the firm’s new framework in just fifteen minutes at the Web3 Summit in Berlin today. Blockchain infrastructure firm Parity Technologies’ founder Gavin Wood demoed a live blockchain launch in just fifteen minutes at the Web3 Summit in Berlin Oct. 23, TechCrunch reports. Parity is a U.K.-based blockchain infrastructure provider, known primarily for developing one of the most well-known clients for Ethereum (ETH), which Wood also co-founded. In what TechCrunch describes as “a grand gesture,” Wood reportedly launched the live blockchain demo on a brand new Mac laptop, which he is said to have torn out of its shrink wrapping in a bid to highlight just how fast entire process of the platform launch could be. The blockchain framework demoed by Wood is dubbed “Substrate,” and is a framework for building blockchains and the underpinning tech of Parity’s “Polkadot” protocol – a form of “para chain” that links betwee..

Minter Is Ready for Integration with Telegram Founder’s Project

Advertisement This is a sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Minter, a blockchain network originating from the largest Russian-speaking crypto Telegram community DeCenter, has announced its integration with Telegram Open Network (TON), the project founded by Pavel Durov, the creator of the messenger app Telegram. The Minter blockchain would allow you to create your own coin and transfer it or exchange it for all of the other coins issued in the network—as well as Bitcoin, Ether, and even USD. All transactions are processed every five seconds, eliminating all the waiting time for your transaction to be confirmed. Minter Integrates with TON Participants of the Early Access Campaign run by Minter, the first blockchain project to ever integrate with the TON network, can already pass the KYC procedure via Telegram Passport. Telegram Passport is aimed at providing user id..

Bitcoin’s Block Size Can Be Increased Without Hard Fork, Says Blockstream...

One of the Blockstream co-founders suggests a new Bitcoin scaling concept that allegedly does not deploy a hard fork. Bitcoin (BTC) protocol developer Mark Friedenbach introduced a method for Bitcoin scaling he claims will not require a hard fork at a workshop in Tokyo October 5. The new concept presented at the Scaling Bitcoin workshop, entitled “Forward Blocks,” suggests a major on-chain capacity boost by means of a Proof-of-Work (PoW) alternation that is done as a soft fork, combined with use of alternative private ledgers. The proposal describes a method for scaling that claims to be able to increase “settlement transaction volume to 3584x current levels” and improve censorship resistance via sharding. During the presentation, Friedenbach suggested major improvements for on-chain Bitcoin transactions, or those that appear on the Bitcoin blockchain. The so-called “soft-fork” alternation implies a strengthening of consensus rules where old nodes “still see the chain advance.” The re..

OKEx Founder Star Xu Released From Police Questioning, Denies Fraud Charges

In the wake of his detention by Shanghai police, OKEx founder Star Xu has denied allegations of fraud, as OKex officials refute his alleged involvement with WFEE Coin. Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx founder Star Xu has today, September 12, hit back at allegations of fraud after conflicting reports over why Chinese law enforcement summoned him to a police station for 24 hours Monday. According to multiple local media sources, Xu, also the CEO of OKCoin, had faced problems at his hotel from a group of “investors” allegedly linked to WFEE Coin, a blockchain WiFi sharing project they said Xu held shares in. Alleged illicit activity on the part of WFEE had led those affected to seek justice, whereupon they alerted police in Shanghai who brought in Xu to assist in their operations. A photograph of a police report about Xu on local news outlet Sina Technology appeared to confirm that the police had been notified at 17:59 on September 10. Image of police report allegedly involving Star Xu’s de..
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