Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Level Up! 500 Games to Accept Altcoin as Payment for the...

sponsored A “made-for-gaming” cryptocurrency is leveling up by becoming a payment method in more than 500 games, 200 countries and territories, and have access to over 500 million gamers. A “made for gaming” cryptocurrency has become the first-ever altcoin to be accepted by a major gaming platform – in what is being described as good news for developers and players alike. MobileGO (or MGO for short) has been picked up by Xsolla, a company which aims to help content creators launch, monetize, and market titles. The collaboration means the cryptocurrency is now available for use in more than 500 games – with more than 500 million players getting the chance to purchase titles and use the altcoin for in-game purchases. As part of the deal, developers will also be able to elect to have royalties from Xsolla, paid out to them in MGO, “on a sliding scale percentage of their choice.” Both platforms say this arrangement is in reaction to an increasing trend where digital entrepreneurs are tra..

Attacks On EOS-Based Games Indicates Weakness Of EOS (EOS) Network

The recent attacks on the gambling platforms built on the blockchain of EOS have resulted in the theft of EOS tokens worth more than $250,000. The EOSBet online casino made an announcement via its Reddit account that an attack had occurred last Friday, where more than 44,000 EOS tokens worth more than $240,000 were stolen. The betting platform said the development team took their contracts offline immediately after the hack. Adding that their remaining 463,745 EOS tokens in their EOSBETCASINO and EOSBETDICE11 contracts are safe, the susceptibility has been taken care of, and they are now back online. SEE ALSO: Gemini Exchange Confirms It Will Soon Add Litecoin (LTC) To Its Platform EOS Price Today – EOS / USD Name Price24H (%)$5.38 0.07% According to EOSBet, the crypto jacker was able to place a bet on the platform without transferring EOS tokens to the contract. When he loses, he was paid nothing. Nevertheless, when he wins, he was paid real EOS form the contract. EOSBet Patches..

Blockchain Collectible Games, Explained

You can collect art, fine wines and toys in the real world — but what about collectibles on blockchain? Here is everything you need to know. What are crypto collectibles?A crypto collectible is a digital asset. Unlike common tokens, which are identical and easily exchanged, crypto collectibles are non-fungible tokens. This is because their unique attributes mean that no two are the same, hence they are usually irreplaceable. There are a plethora of things that can be collected — from cats to celebrities, and from politicians to planets. In gaming environments, they can be swapped between players, and on other platforms, it’s possible to buy someone’s collectible without their permission — adding a competitive edge. Can money be made from digital collectibles?If you have a particularly rare or desirable collectible, potentially, yes. Generally, collectibles are categorized. Some of them are quite common while others have distinctive attributes which make them rare — or even ‘legendary..
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