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“Internet Within an Internet” Arbolet Celebrates 3 Years With English Localization

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Czech Republic based Arbolet is proud to announce 3 years of continuous operation and has celebrated this milestone with the launch of their English localization. Arbolet – The “Internet Within an Internet” Arbolet is an international platform described “as a small internal internet on the internet.” The platform combines many of the benefits provided on the central internet such as watching movies, e-commerce, talking with people, and even investing in cryptocurrencies. The main competitive advantage Arbolet has is the unique environment it fosters, freeing users from censorship or another kind of restrictions. Arbolet also gives back to its users by allowing them to earn based on their contributions to the system, as well as earn up to 21% interest yearly. IF users need stability, they are able to fix funds t..

Despite Reporting Revenue Losses, GMO Internet’s Crypto Mining Rewards Soar

Japan’s GMO Internet Group has confirmed it took a steep hit in overall mining revenue, but saw an increase in monthly BTC mining rewards. Japanese IT giant GMO Internet Group has published the latest monthly disclosure on its in-house crypto mining operations, confirming that it took a steep hit in overall mining revenue. GMO released the disclosure in a publicly available document on Jan. 8, also revealing a steady increase in its monthly Bitcoin (BTC) mining rewards. As previously reported, GMO’s consolidated losses for Q4 2018 totalled 35.5 billion yen ($320 million), with its unconsolidated loss tallying at around 38 billion yen ($334.5 million). As a result, the firm announced it would be shutting down its hardware manufacturing business, but would nonetheless continue its in-house mining operations. These latter will be reportedly subject to restructuring, with plans to relocate GMO’s mining center to a region with lower-cost electricity supplies. As revealed in GMO’s latest mo..

GMO Internet Exits Bitcoin Miner Production After Recording ‘Extraordinary Loss’ in...

The company said that tens of billions of yen in lost profits led it to the decision, which will also see it move its mining center. Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group is quitting the Bitcoin mining hardware sector, Cointelegraph Japan reported Dec. 25 referencing a public document. Citing “extraordinary loss” in Q4 this year, GMO, which began its foray into Bitcoin mining in 2017, said that it will “no longer develop, manufacture and sell” miners. “After taking into consideration changes in the current business environment, the Company expects that it is difficult to recover the carrying amounts of the in-house-mining-related business assets, and therefore, it has been decided to record an extraordinary loss,” the document reads. GMO will further relocate its mining operation “to a region that will allow us to secure cleaner and less expensive power supply.” The news makes GMO the latest casualty of the 2018 Bitcoin (BTC) bear market, with falling prices taking their toll on ..

Tunisia Internet Agency Signs Strategic Partnership With Blockchain Platform

The Tunisia Internet Agency will host the blockchain platform Universa to develop various blockchain applications in e-governance and the digital economy. The Tunisia Internet Agency (ATI) is going provide hosting services for the Russian blockchain platform Universa, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Dec. 19. Founded in 1996, the ATI is a governmental body run by the Ministry of Communications with the objective to promote Internet usage in the country. Per the release, the ATI has signed a 10-year renewable strategic partnership with the blockchain platform Universa to provide hosting services for the platform and facilitate its further development. The agreement sets up a range of objectives, wherein the ATI will develop value-added services in the blockchain field, digital economy, and digitization of paperwork. The Universa platform will reportedly develop additional applications and services and integrate them into new technological platforms and initiati..

Arbolet – a New, Superior Internet Announces English Localisation

Advertisement This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release. Bitcoin Press Release: Nowadays, only a few people can imagine life without the internet. In this global network, we are buying, investing money, looking for fun and looking for friends. The Internet should be the foundation of freedom, but in recent years its censorship has intensified, and the privacy of Internet users has been seriously undermined. Arbolet is the new solution. December 12th, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic – Arbolet can be described as a small internal internet on the Internet. It is an international platform originating in the Czech Republic that combines all the benefits of the Internet..

Bitcoin Beats Google Trends in 2018 as Internet Users Seek to...

Google users are keen to understand what Bitcoin actually is — more than anything else, data reveals. Google data shows ‘What is Bitcoin?’ was the most popular search question in the United States and United Kingdom for 2018, showing Bitcoin (BTC) has topped public consciousness online this year. Capping various achievements in search rankings over the past twelve months, Bitcoin’s latest price volatility saw interest in understanding it peak again following a period of price stability. ‘What is Bitcoin’ currently tops this year’s ‘What is…?’ search list, while the annual listings also include one other cryptocurrency-related entry. While Bitcoin has topped the list of ‘What is…,’ the major currency lost its rank on ‘How to…’ queries to the second top cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP). During 2018, users were googling more on how to purchase XRP, with ‘How to buy Ripple’ making it to fourth place in Google’s ‘How to...’ list, while Bitcoin is currently ranked eighth. The increased populari..

South Korean Internet Giant Kakao Invests in Blockchain Startup Orbs

Orbs, an Israeli blockchain startup, has received an investment from South Korea’s largest messaging app operator Kakao. South Korea’s largest messaging app operator Kakao has invested in Orbs, an Israeli blockchain startup, Reuters reports Dec. 13. The report states that Orbs did not disclose the size of the investment. Moreover, the startup reportedly explained that this investment “builds on its existing partnership with Kakao blockchain subsidiary Ground X.” As Cointelegraph reported in October, Ground X released the testnet of its DApp platform Klaytn ahead of its scheduled release next year. The aforementioned partnership gave place to a collaboration “on blockchain applications and research and development projects.” According to CrunchBase data, Kakao has raised a total of $1.5 billion in four funding rounds. In addition to KakaoTalk, arguably the Kakao’s most well-known project, the conglomerate includes mobile payment application KakaoPay and internet bank KakaoBank. Orbs, a..

Chinese Internet Court Uses Blockchain to Protect Online Writer’s Intellectual Property

A Chinese Internet Court has started using blockchain to protect the intellectual property of online writers. An Internet Court in Hangzhou, Eastern China, has turned to blockchain to fight piracy at the expense of online writers, English-language media outlet China.org.cn reports Dec. 8. China has reportedly “set up three Internet courts in Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou.” Internet Courts are courts expressly intended to manage internet-related cases and allow plaintiffs to file their complaints online. The official website of Hangzhou Internet Court reads that it “behave[s] as an ‘incubator’ for Internet space governance, a ‘test field’ for Internet judicial rules, a ‘leader’ for diversified Internet disputes, and a ‘first mover’ for the transformation of Internet trials.” Hangzhou, whose Internet Court plans to use a blockchain copyright system, is “home to many, if not most, online writers in China,” according to China.org.cn. The news outlet notes that 107 “famous” online writer..

Over One Third of German Big Business Finds Blockchain Tech as...

Many big German companies see major potential in blockchain technology, according to a new survey by IT industry association Bitkom. According to a recent survey, over one third of big businesses in Germany consider blockchain technology as revolutionary as the Internet, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported, Dec. 4. In addition to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT), blockchain technology is one of the current three areas of development with “tremendous potential,” the survey reports. Conducted by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom), the survey revealed that overall, 15 percent of German companies think blockchain will “change society and the economy as much as the Internet.” Larger companies, with 500 or more employees, were more than twice as likely to hold that opinion, at 36 percent. At the same time, about 46 percent of the surveyed companies classified Germany a “latecomer” in blockchain ado..

How Significant Is Blockchain in Internet of Things?

With IoT back in the spotlight, it’s a good time to look at what impact blockchain has on the industry and what challenges there are to overcome. The spotlight was placed back on the Internet of Things (IoT) recently when Bosch, the multinational engineering and electronics company, tweeted on Nov. 12 about their Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK), a programmable sensor device and IoT prototyping platform, in partnership with IOTA. A number of definitions for IoT exist, of which Ernst and Young (EY) describes it in the simplest terms: “The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the connection of devices — any devices — to the internet using embedded software and sensors to communicate, collect and exchange data with one another.” The industry has taken off significantly in recent years and estimations and predictions of its future growth and impact abound on the internet. Research and advisory company Gartner estimates that the number of installed IoT devices will reach 20.4 billion by 2..
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