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Leading Japanese Firms Form Security Token Offering Association

Leading Japanese financial firms like Monex Group and SBI Securities are forming a regulatory body for security token offerings. Leading Japanese companies are forming a regulatory association for security token offerings (STO). On Sept. 30, the Nikkei Asian Review reported that firms such as SBI Securities, Nomura Securities, Monex Group and Daiwa Securities Group are part of the STO association that will propose a new set of rules and seek approval from the country’s financial watchdog organization, the Financial Services Agency. STO’s are set to become a new way of raising capital in Japan as early as next April when a legal change will make them an option for firms to raise capital from assets like real estate. The legal change reportedly clarifies disclosure requirements and other regulatory issues. Consequently, big Japanese brokerages are increasingly willing to explore possible STO business opportunities. Similar to an initial coin offering (ICO), an STO investor receives a t..

IBM and World’s Leading Nickel Smelter Form Blockchain Education Center

Russian metal producer Nornickel and global tech giant IBM teamed up to set up an educational program in blockchain technology. Global tech giant IBM has entered a partnership a Russian metal producer to launch an educational program in blockchain, local news agency TASS reports June 6. Nornickel, a Moscow-based globally leading producer of nickel and palladium, has signed an agreement with IBM and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) to set up a study and training center for specialists to develop digital technologies for the mining and metals industry. According to the report, the agreement was signed on June 6 at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum by Nornickel’s VP Sergey Batehin, IBM’s general manager in Russia and CIS countries Iris Dzeba, and the MIPT’s rector Nikolay Kudryavtsev. The main challenges for the upcoming MIPT-based educational center include student training, research and development of digital ecosystems in fields including blockc..

Another Win For VeChain As Leading Thailand Bank Endorses VeChain Thor...

If you didn’t know about the VeChain blockchain before the VeChain token swap, there is no way you didn’t hear of VeChain after the VeChain Summit 2019. This is because the VeChain Thor blockchain has gained a lot of popularity in recent time. One of the main reasons why VeChain has seen a surge in adoption is that the VeChain Foundation has sealed many VeChain partnerships that individually involve the use of the VeChain blockchain one way or another. The more people use the technology, the more others will learn about it and be propelled to use it as well. VeChain has also gotten thumbs up from big names in the Deloitte and Siam Bank. VeChain News Today – VeChain Thor Price Prediction – VeChain Gets A Thumbs Up From Siam Bank Subtle endorsements are important in the cryptocurrency industry. They should never be underestimated. A major institution, Siam Bank, which happens to be the largest bank in Thailand, recently published an article about blockchain technology. The article talk..

Recent Estimates Show That Stellar Is Leading In Terms of Daily...

Stellar Lumens News today reveals a new landmark for the network after recent estimates show that Stellar Lumens is now leading in daily active accounts. According to OrbitLens the data used for the analysis that gave this estimate was derived via charting tools. Today’s Stellar Lumens current news shows that the group behind this latest report claims that XLM daily active accounts report 10x figures. It should be recalled from an earlier report on April 29 via a blog post on OrbitLens (the entity behind StellarExpert the block explorer and analytics platform), claims that Stellar’s daily active accounts were underrepresented on the majority of data platforms. One of such platforms of note is CoinMetrics. Now, today’s Stellar Lumens current news reveals that OrbitLens is reporting Stellar as the leading network in daily active accounts. Stellar Lumens News Today – XLM Price Prediction – XLM News Today: Only 0.277% of Daily Accounts for Stellar are Active on CoinMetrics According to C..

Four Leading US Drug Companies Join Blockchain Project to Manage Chargebacks

Four major U.S. drug companies have joined a blockchain project to manage chargebacks. Pfizer Inc. and other leading American pharmaceutical companies have joined a project to build a blockchain network for the health and pharmaceutical industry, according to a press release on May 2. McKesson Corporation, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, Premier Inc. and Pfizer Inc. have joined the MediLedger Project Contracting and Chargebacks working group. MediLedger — which is an initiative of San Francisco-based blockchain tech company Chronicled Inc. — is designed to reduce costs and make processes more efficient in data sharing by developing a common network. The solution will purportedly automate the contract reconciliation and chargeback processes. Chargebacks — cancelled or disputed transactions — are a common occurrence along medial supply chains in the United States, where various actors including government programs and private insurers are involved in payment. Per the release, the networ..

Prediction: 20 Percent of Leading Global Grocers to Use Blockchain by...

According to Gartner, Inc., 20 percent of the top 10 global grocers will use blockchain technology by 2025. 20 percent of the top 10 global grocers will use blockchain by 2025, according to information released by research firm Gartner Inc on April 30. Per Gartner, the main advantage of blockchain for grocers is that it provides a high degree of transparency. For grocers, this means they can use blockchain as a way to convey reliable information to their customers and retailers. Gartner even claims that blockchain “appears as an ideal technology to foster transparency and visibility along the food supply chain.” Gartner says that grocery sales are increasing globally, and that consumers now know more about a food’s source and freshness, as well as the provider’s efforts toward sustainability. “Grocery retailers who provide visibility and can certify their products according to certain standards will win the trust and loyalty of consumers,” it says. Gartner also points out that there i..

Speak Out: Discussing the Leading Blockchain-Using Companies

Who do you think has adopted blockchain best? Reply in the comments! Last week, Forbes released its new list of “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies” — i.e., companies implementing blockchain technology that have minimum revenues or valuations of $1 billion. There are more and more major companies adopting blockchain these days. But who has done it best and had the most success because of it? Today, we invite you to share your opinion on the subject. Reply in the comments below!

Tron (TRX) Surges By 8% Leading The Crypto Market Into A...

The Tron community has been bubbling with excitement for the last three months. All the initiatives by Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation related to promoting the network seems to be yielding results. Yesterday, in our Tron Trx news, we talked about how the Tron dApps report by dApp Report revealed that there was volume worth $1.6 billion on the tron dApp network over the last three months. This caused a lot of excitement in the Tron community. While they were still celebrating, another Tron Trx news reached the public. The Tron Foundation announced the launch date of the Tron-USDT token pair. This caused the price of Tron Trx to rise by almost 8% within one hour as reported by AMBCrypto. Tron Trx News Today – Tron Trx Price Today – Tron Trx Spikes By More Than 8% Leading The Crypto Bull Run The crypto bull run kicked off fully last week as Bitcoin hit $5200. Since then, it has corrected lower and moved higher against the USD. This Bitcoin bull run has affected the entire cryptocurren..

Report: China Leading World in Blockchain Projects

China is reportedly leading the world in the number of blockchain-related projects currently under development. China is reportedly leading the world in the number of blockchain projects currently underway in the country, Chinese English-language news daily reports on April 2. Citing a report by Blockdata, states that there are 263 blockchain-related projects in China, accounting for 25 percent of the global total. Li Qilei, the CTO at blockchain platform developer Qulian Technology, purportedly said that the financial sector is the biggest user of blockchain technology, particularly in asset securitization for banks and brokers. Chris Church, chief business development officer for New York-based firm Digital Asset in the United States, reportedly noted the importance of doing business in and near China, as the firm began work with the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX). Church purportedly stated, "One of the reasons that HKEX is so important to us is be..

Speak Out: Discussing The Leading Names In Crypto

Who is the most influential person in crypto and why? Reply! The world of crypto is incredibly huge and is growing every day. But who exactly should we thank for it? A mystery man, Satoshi Nakamoto? Multi-talented Vitalik Buterin? Or maybe somebody else? Today we invite you to discuss the most outstanding names in crypto. Reply in the comments below!
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