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Pantera Capital Leads $5M Seed Round of Decentralized Derivatives Startup

Crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital leads a $5 million strategic seed round of decentralized derivatives protocol Vega. Pantera Capital has led a $5 million strategic seed round of decentralized derivatives protocol Vega. According to the announcement published on Oct. 3, the round included participants such as Ripple’s investment arm Xpring, Hashed, NGC Ventures, gumi Cryptos Capital, Rockaway Blockchain, KR1, Eden Block, Focus Labs, Greenfield One, Monday Capital, RSK Ecosystem Fund, alongside a group of unnamed private investors. Against “profiteering, monitoring, and control” by privileged actorsPer the announcement, Vega is currently focused on designing and implementing its core protocol for secure and non-custodial decentralized margin trading. The software aims to disintermediate derivatives trading — in the company’s words, to eliminate the “rent-seeking middlemen endemic to traditional capital markets” and replace them with peer-to-peer mechanisms. As a Layer-2 solution, the ..

China Leads the World in Google Searches for Facebook’s Libra

China has the highest rate of “Facebook Libra” Google searches, while the U.S. is ranked 25th, according to Google Trends’ data. China is the global leader when it comes to searching for “Facebook Libra” on Google one month after the release of Libra’s white paper. China keeping a close eye on Facebook’s LibraAs of July 18, China is the first in the list of countries googling of Facebook’s new cryptocurrency project, according to data from Google Trends. Based on the data, China has the highest proportion of search queries for Libra, with a maximum value of the query popularity of 100. The top five countries include St. Helena, ranked second with a value of 37, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong and Luxembourg. “Facebook Libra” Google searches over the past 30 days. Courtesy of Google Trends At the same time, the same query is surprisingly low in the United States, with estimated query value of 10. As such, the home country of Facebook is ranked 25th in the list, based on the popularity..

Reddit Co-Founders’s Fund Leads $3.75M Round for Blockchain Gaming Studio

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture fund led a $3.75 million seed round to support blockchain video game studio Horizon Blockchain Games. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture fund led a $3.75 million seed round for blockchain-powered video game studio Horizon Blockchain Games. According to a press release on July 17, Ohanian’s venture fund Initialized Capital led the new seed round alongside other major blockchain investors such as Polychain Capital and Digital Currency Group. Other investors included popular American crypto exchange and wallet service Coinbase, Golden Ventures and Inovia Capital. The secured funds will support Horizon’s goal of further integrating blockchain tech in the gaming industry. The company has created a blockchain video game network named Arcadeum, which provides players with secure wallets to store their assets from blockchain games. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Arcadeum also serves as an application browser, providing an opportunity for ..

General Motors Leads $23M Funding Round for Spring Labs Blockchain Firm

Blockchain startup Spring Labs recently raised $23 million in Seed A funding round, says funds will go towards security products built on its Spring Protocol blockchain platform. United States-based blockchain startup Spring Labs has raised $23 million in a Seed A funding round, according to a press release on June 12. Spring Labs will purportedly use the funds to improve its blockchain-based platform Spring Protocol and develop three new fraud protection products that are designed to combat fraud in the auto financing sector. According to the press release, the new products are Spring Verify, Spring Defense, and Spring Protect, which are designed for identity verification, fraud monitoring/mitigation, and loan stacking prevention, respectively. The products will purportedly provide information to lenders anonymously, for the purpose of financing activities such as unsecured consumer lending, small business lending, credit card issuance, and secured auto lending. According to the repo..

Medici Ventures Leads Funding Round for Blockchain-Based E-Voting Platform

Medici Ventures leads $7 million funding round for a blockchain-based platform that supports remote voting. Medici Ventures, the blockchain-based subsidiary of, has led a $7 million funding round for a blockchain-based voting platform, according to a press release on June 6. The blockchain-based voting platform, Voatz, is reportedly designed to allow citizens to participate in official elections and similar events via mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers. The platform is reportedly based on blockchain tech, encryption, and biometrics, and purports to provide better convenience, security, and auditability for voters and vote collectors. Voatz says that the proceeds of their $7 million Series A funding round will go toward improving accessibility and usability of the platform, as well as launching additional pilot programs in the United States and abroad. Voatz also commented that they have previously conducted pilot programs with a variety of organizati..

Galaxy Digital Fund Leads Funding Round for Blockchain-Based Game Platform

A Galaxy Digital fund led a $1.8 million seed funding round for a blockchain-based gaming rewards program, which uses blockchain-based quizzes to engage players. A fund of cryptocurrency investment bank Galaxy Digital led a $1.8 million seed funding round for Azure’s blockchain-based gaming rewards platform, VentureBeat reports on June 5. Smart Challenge, Azure’s gaming rewards platform, reportedly allows users to create and compete in challenges on the EOSIO blockchain protocol. By using blockchain technology, the challenges are said to be verifiably fair, since participants can see all the challenge rules and how they are implemented. Galaxy Digital reportedly invested to the project through its Galaxy EOS VC Fund, which is an investment organization that funds products built on EOSIO. Users can participate in the challenges to earn “AZA credits” which are used to buy in-game benefits, such as virtual items or currency. One type of challenge users can reportedly participate in are s..

Research: China Leads World in Tether Trading Volumes in 2019

Chinese crypto exchanges facilitate 60% of all tether trading globally. Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges facilitate 60% of all stablecoin tether (USDT) trading globally, according to an analysis by Diar on June 3. According to the report, Chinese exchanges in 2019 thus far account for over $10 billion in USDT trading. The United States, in contrast, is said to account for only $450 million of USDT traded. Global exchange giants Binance and Bitfinex reportedly account for close to the remaining amount of Tether traded, accounting for 31% of USDT activity. Additionally, the analysis concludes that the trading numbers are not misleading. According to their findings, a similar amount of sending and receiving of USDT happens both in China and globally, suggesting that the numbers represent actual trading activity and not just cryptocurrency whales cashing out. As recently reported by Cointelegraph, Tether’s sister company Bitfinex has announced plans to put USDT on the Lightning Network, a..

Barclays Leads $5.5 Million Funding Round for Blockchain-Based Invoice Exchange

Barclays and BOLD led a $5.5 million funding round for a blockchain-based invoice exchange. United Kingdom-based international bank Barclays and technology investment firm Bold Capital Partners have led a $5.5 million funding round for fintech firm Crowdz's blockchain-based global invoice exchange, according to a press release on May 28. According to the report, the blockchain-based technology will purportedly make invoice processing more efficient by digitizing and automatizing what are traditionally manual processes. The technology also automates the process of finding financiers and sending them invoices. CEO of Crowdz, Payson E. Johnston, emphasizes the importance that this speedier invoice processing has for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs): "Today, small and midsize businesses often have to wait for a financially crushing 90 to 120 days or more to get paid. It's no wonder that more than half of them suffer cash-flow problems during any given year. However, with the..

Bitstamp Starts Investigation After Large BTC Sell Leads to $250 Mln...

Bitstamp executed a large sell order on a BTC/USD trading pair, which resulted in a 20% bitcoin price decline on the platform. Major crypto exchange Bitstamp has launched an investigation after a large bitcoin (BTC) sell order heavily impacted its order book, as the firm announced in a tweet on May 17. Bitstamp reported an execution of a large sell order in BTC to United States dollars (USD) on its platform today,as the exchange wrote earlier today. While the company has not specified the details of the transaction, the price of bitcoin had plummeted about 20% from around $7,800 to as low as $6,250 in less than 30 minutes earlier on the day, according to data from trading analytics platform TradingView. Briefly after the crash, bitcoin’s price has surged back, but stabilized below $7,400. Bitstamp reported that their platform was operating properly as designed. BTC/USD chart on Bitstamp on May 17. Source: TradingView According to crypto news outlet The Block, the sell order on Bitsta..

World Bank Leads Secondary Market Phase of Bond-I Blockchain Bond

A three-way partnership saw secondary market trading go live, which participants say marks a world first. The World Bank and Commonwealth Bank have successfully enabled secondary market trading of a blockchain bond, the institutions confirmed in a press release on May 15. The bond, known as bond-i, uses the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and was the first in the world to leverage the technology fully when it debuted in August last year. Now, a three-way partnership which also included market maker TD Securities delivered what the participants consider a similar first and a further metamorphosis for blockchain bonds. “Enabling secondary trading recorded on the blockchain is a tremendous step forward towards enabling capital markets to leverage distributed ledger technologies for faster, more efficient, and more secure transactions,” the World Bank’s vice president and treasurer, Jingdong Hua, commented in the press release. He added: “It speaks to the innovation and commitment of all our pa..
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