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UK Regulator Considers Cryptocurrency Derivatives Ban Due to Market ‘Integrity Issues’

Bitcoin futures trading could “likely” be in jeopardy in the U.K. as the financial regulator mulls a ban on crypto derivatives. The U.K.’s finance regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), may ban cryptocurrency derivatives such as futures as part of its “most comprehensive response” to the industry, financial trading news outlet Finance Magnates reported Nov. 20. In a speech at a London conference Tuesday, FCA executive director of strategy and competition Christopher Woolard said the organization would consult on forbidding so-called cryptocurrency contracts-for-difference (CFDs). This, says Finance Magnates, would “likely” also incorporate “options, futures and transferable securities.” The publication quoted Woolard as saying: “We’re concerned that retail consumers are being sold complex, volatile and often leveraged derivatives products based on exchange tokens with underlying market integrity issues.” The U.K. has found itself in a regulatory quandary over its slow respo..

OKEx Rebuffs Market Manipulation Claims Over Early Bitcoin Cash Futures Settlement

The debacle over OKEx’s Bitcoin Cash futures treatment continues with an official denial of market manipulation from the exchange. The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange OKEx hit back at accusations it “manipulated markets” by adjusting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) futures settlements in a fresh statement Nov. 20 sent to Cointelegraph. The exchange, which opted to deliver BCH futures early due to the coin’s contentious hard fork Nov. 15, subsequently saw a barrage of negative publicity over the decision, pundits complaining it had overstepped its remit in freely deciding when and how futures contracts would be settled. In particular, a dedicated Medium post by an entity calling itself AMBER AI accused OKEx of “outright market manipulation and one of the more serious acts of fraud in the history of limit order book trading in the cryptocurrency markets.” Published Nov. 19, the post provides a lengthy analysis of the futures settlement and further alleges OKEx contradicted its own sma..

How Crypto Market Fall Influences Mining Hardware Sales and Producers’ Revenues

Mining hardware manufacturers invent new ways to increase their competitiveness and tackle miners’ interest decline as September was the first month when private miners’ profits went into the negative. A year long bear crypto market appears to have had a negative impact on the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. In spite of this, Bitcoin miners still managed to generate $4.7 billion in profit in the first six months of 2018. Constantly growing competition between big mining pools and the increasing difficulty of Bitcoin’s algorithm make getting the first cryptocurrency less profitable and weight the scales against small players. Miners shut off their machines, and card manufacturers suffer losses. In particular, AMD representatives, whose last quarter fiscal report, published on Oct. 24, demonstrated that revenues from the sale of mining Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) were “negligible.” Presumably, Nvidia and Bitmain could also be in the same predicament and at this point, inves..

Following The Bearish Market This Year What Does 2019 Hold For...

This year started with a bloodbath when all cryptocurrencies started shedding off their December 2017 gains. The prices were stuck in a descending channel for so long that it became difficult to see past the bears. For two months (September and October) the price volatility of Bitcoin dropped significantly. What this means is that the price remained relatively stable. Even if it wasn’t on a bull run, investors were comforted by the lack of volatility which is typical a sign of a maturing market. Unfortunately, the volatility increased this month when the Bitcoin Cash fork started and Bitcoin fell from $6300 to $5500 within a 24 hour period. As expected, other cryptocurrencies followed. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis During the bearish market, many experts predicted that things would turn around before the end of the year. With the current situation, will Bitcoin still be able to beat the bears this year or will the downward rally continue into the new year? Within the last 24 hours, Bit..

Price Action Of Stellar Lumens (XLM) Remains Promising Even With The...

XRP has been in the headlines for days now thanks to the spike in price and market capitalization amid a bearish market. While the price of XRP is doing well against the USD, XLM is also trying compared to other cryptocurrencies. Both cryptocurrencies are promising as they have high potentials in the financial industry. For months now, XRP and XLM have been the first two coins to initiate recovery after a bearish wave. The speed at which their values increase are impressive compared to other coins. Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD Name Price24H (%)$5,607.80 0.55%$0.252852 3.51% At the time of writing, XRP was trading at $0.514545. This shows that it is up by 7.36% against the USD and up by 6.79% against Bitcoin. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $872,460,931 and the market capitalization is $20,721,610,463. This is rather impressive. XRP isn’t ready to back down. XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD Name Price24H (%)$0.52 7.27% XLM is also doing well against the USD tra..

Three Days After The Takeover XRP Market Capitalization Is $2.39B Ahead...

As you already know, CoinMarketCap keeps tabs of the performance of important cryptocurrencies. It provides reliable information about the total market capitalization of these coins as well as the trading volume and daily performance of cryptocurrencies. Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has always been number one. Giving a wide margin, ETH has held the second place for a long time now. Unfortunately, things seem to have fallen in favor of XRP. Thanks to the recent dip in the market capitalization of ETH and the rise in the market capitalization of XRP, ETH is now third place in CoinMarketCapital’s list of top cryptocurrencies. XRP Is Reaching For The Moon On Thursday, XRP, for the third time in history, claimed the second spot from ETH. While it has done this twice before, this is the first time it is holding this position for such a long time with a high margin. At first, XRP took over by more than $600 million. Yesterday the market capitalization increased again and t..

XRP Takes The Lead As The Cryptocurrency Market Attempts A Recovery 

XRP was one of the few cryptocurrencies that held its gains during the last bearish wave. While other major cryptocurrencies well falling significantly against the USD thanks to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem war, XRP was doing pretty well. Yesterday, a minor recovery started and the price of all cryptocurrencies started to rebound against the USD. While many major coins only experienced a little boost, XRP is significantly higher. XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD Name Price24H (%)$0.51 7.55% Bitcoin (BTC) was also down by less than one percent at press time. It was trading at $5,560. However, during the trading session yesterday, it went from $5,490 to $5,616. The current situation in the market is what led the Bloomberg analysts into predicting that the price of Bitcoin will go as low as $1,500 before the end of the bearish market. They believe that Bitcoin will still lose 70% of its current value after losing 60% within the year. XRP Thrives Against All Odds Main while, the second l..

Report: Crypto and Oil Market Slumps Are Sign of Approaching ‘Flash...

BAML strategists have suggested that recent oil and crypto market dives are indicators of an approaching “flash crash.” Analysts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch have said that the crash in cryptocurrency and oil markets are indicators of a looming “flash crash” in markets, Reuters reported Nov. 16. The strategists reportedly suggested that rising volatility across various asset classes and deleveraging, such as that which happened in oil markets over the past weeks, are signs of the evolution of a bear market. On Nov.14, Bitcoin (BTC) price slumped below $5,400, while total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies dropped as low as $174 billion. The price dive marked a new volatility record for markets this year, while the BTC volatility rate exceeded the index of seven on Bitcointicker for the first time since April 2018. On Tuesday, Brent crude reportedly hit an eight-month low, making it the most extreme one-day fall in over three years. As a result of the current bear mark..

Why Did Crypto Market Experience a $27 Billion Wipeout? Experts Discuss...

Crypto market experienced a $27 billion drop in valuation overnight, experts explain factors and trends. On November 15, within a 24-hour span, the valuation of the crypto market fell from $210 billion to $183 billion, by more than $27 billion on a single day. Source: CoinMarketCap.com Fueled by the 18 percent drop in the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), every major cryptocurrency in the global market started to record intense sell-offs. Bitcoin, which maintained a record low level of volatility from August to November, fell by more than 11 percent on the day, accelerating the downtrend of other leading digital assets and small market cap cryptocurrencies. Prominent investors including BKCM CEO Brian Kelly and Coinshares executive Meltem Demirors stated that the hash power war between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV acted as a major catalyst of the steep sell-off of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Cash triggered the dropOn CNBC’s Fast Money, Brian Kelly stated the confidence of investors ..

October ICO Market Overview: Trends, Capitalization, Localization, Success Rate

Expectations for the ICO market remain far from outcomes, nevertheless the market shows stability and some optimistic signals. Disclaimer: This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision. The ICOmeter aims to provide the accurate and concise information about the development of the ICO market in the previous month, and its relation to the all-time statistics. The ICO market data is provided by ICObench, based upon the projects’ announcements recorded in ICObench database, which includes over 4700 ICOs since August 2015. ICO market situation in October is the result of different trends: the inertial forces put in motion months ago, during a period of stronger confidence, seem to still be influencing the structure of the market, while the more recent negative tendency could influence the decision-making of investors. At the same time, the final outcome seems m..
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