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XRP Could Fall 20% Says Trader Accusing Ripple of Manipulating Market

Peter Brandt joins critics of the third-largest altcoin, which currently trades at two-year lows against Bitcoin. Altcoin XRP has received fresh claims its price is artificially high as a well-known cryptocurrency trader warns of serious losses. Brandt: Ripple manipulated XRP for yearsIn a series of tweets Aug. 14, Peter Brandt accused the issuer and largest holder of XRP tokens, Ripple, of price manipulation. XRP had dropped to its lowest level against Bitcoin (BTC) in over two years, while XRP/USD circled 11-month lows. For Brandt, however, even current levels of $0.26 are the result of manual intervention on the part of Ripple, and not natural market forces. Should the practice ultimately fail, the token could shed another 20%. “Will Ripple be able to manipulate the market to keep $XRP above .2400? A serious breakdown at this level, and .020725 is in the cards,” he wrote in comments accompanying an XRP/USD price chart. When challenged about his use of language, Brandt defended hi..

Blockchain and Crypto Jobs Market: 2018 Vs. 2019 by the Numbers

Companies are actively hiring blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists, while the number of job searches has dropped. Along with Bitcoin (BTC) price growth in 2019 (from $3,400 in February to $12,689 in June), some segments of the labor market related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain have also actively manifested themselves. Demand for lawyers has risen sharply, Facebook is actively hiring and the United States is breaking every record in terms of the number of job offerings. However, the overall picture is rather ambiguous. Blockchain experts are still in demand, especially in the U.S.According to a first quarter 2018 report, published by the world's largest freelance network, Upwork, knowledge of blockchain technology came out on top among the specialties for which demand has grown the fastest. And the statistics presented by the international recruiting company Hired showed that global demand for blockchain engineers increased by 517% over the past year. In 2019, the trend ..

Bitcoin Is a Geopolitical Turmoil Indicator, Says Market Researcher

Bitcoin is a geopolitical turmoil indicator, according to co-founder of market research firm DataTrek Research, Nicholas Colas. Co-founder of market research firm DataTrek Research Nicholas Colas says that Bitcoin (BTC) is a geopolitical turmoil indicator. Bitcoin as a market indicatorIn an interview with CNBC published on Aug. 14, Colas claimed that Bitcoin was one of the few assets of which the price predicted Hong Kong’s protests and the consequent local capital flight. When the interviewer asked him whether he believes that Bitcoin is a safe haven asset, he said: “We are definitely seeing that, and really are perked up around the Hong Kong protests and some of the currency flight that happened out of Hong Kong and the mainland, and Bitcoin was one of the few assets that we watched that actually predicted that uncertainty ahead of time. Nothing else was really moving, Bitcoin was.” Bitcoin is still new and very volatileThe interviewer also said that many investors are concerned ab..

Cryptocurrency Market Sees Red as Bitcoin Slumps Below $11,000

The crypto market is in the red as BTC see week-long descent and XRP may be facing legal troubles with a newly-amended class action suit. Tuesday, Aug. 13 — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and XRP continue to bleed amid a crypto market turning red. Market visualization. Source: Coin360 Bitcoin is trading at $11,005 at press time, with a 3.83% loss on the day. Bitcoin broke $12,000 three days in a row, from Aug. 6 to Aug. 8., but never managed to hold these highs for a significant period of time. Then on Saturday, Aug.10, BTC price fell by about $400 in just an hour. Price has continued downward since then, and has even dipped below $10,900 today. Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: Coin360 The number two cryptocurrency, Ether, appears to be declining more gradually than BTC. At press time, ETH is trading over $208 and is down by 1.62% on the day. However, Ether investors remain bullish on the token’s long-term prospects, with 54% of respondents in a Twitter survey reporting that they bel..

Altcoins Underperform But Two Players Perform Better Than Bitcoin Amid The...

It seems as Bitcoin shines brighter and brighter, most altcoins go dimmer and dimmer. The altcoin market has not been favorable and most have dipped in prices. Cryptocurrency news today learned that the word in the cryptocurrency market is for an overhaul of the altcoins, dropping most underperforming coins so that the performing ones can have the opportunity to grow. Cryptocurrency News Today – Altcoin News Today – Two Altcoins Outperform Bitcoin While Others Plummet Out of the ten top-ranking coins in the cryptocurrency market, only two altcoins have been successful in performing better than Bitcoin. Researchers believe that studying the reason why these two coins performed better would give an insight into resurrecting the ailing altcoins. While some cryptocurrency analysts believe that a double bottom achieved from a 50% drop in the altcoin market was the way forward, others hold onto the hope that an all-out season was in the near future. Studying the top ten coins in the cryptoc..

Cryptocurrency Market Sees Red as Bitcoin Still Struggles Under $12,000

Major coins are seeing red, with Tezos, Cardano and Tron losing the most on the day among the top 20 coins. Friday, Aug. 9 — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and XRP are slumping along with the rest of a largely red cryptocurrency market. Market visualization. Source: Coin360 Bitcoin is trading at$11,910 at press time, with approximately a 1.16% loss on the day. Bicoin has broken $12,000 three times this week, but has lost traction at or above that price point. Nonetheless, some BTC bulls are saying that the current market conditions indicate only a temporary setback for its inevitable surge beyond the previous all-time high. Serial VC investor Tim Draper commented: “I thought there would be many more competitors at this point that were really relevant, but people have consolidated towards Bitcoin because it’s decentralized.” Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: Coin360 The number two cryptocurrency, Ether, is down by around 4.37% at press time to trade at $211. Over the past seven days or ..

Expert: India Will Lose An Almost $13 Billion Market By Banning...

The CEO of an Indian crypto and blockchain research company estimates that the country will lose out on almost $13 billion with a ban on crypto. Sidharth Sogani, the CEO of crypto and blockchain research firm Crebaco Global Inc, believes that India will lose around $12.9 billion worth of market if cryptocurrency is banned in the country. Sogani shared his reasoning with the news outlet AMBCrypto, which reported the matter on August 8. According to the report, Crebaco’s methodology included an analysis of how much revenue companies might have generated if crypto was ruled to be legal, as well as crypto companies with Indian founders who moved offshore due to the Reserve Bank of India’s banking ban. As per the report, Crebaco came up with the following figures as part of its total estimated revenue from crypto in India: $4.9 billion as indicated by crypto white papers and associated business plans; $2.1 billion from expert blockchain coders; $1.27 billion from content creators; and $4.5..

MasterCard, Samsung, Facebook Bolster Cryptocurrency Offerings as Market Recovers

As Bitcoin (BTC) price recovers from the downturn of July, confidence has returned to the cryptocurrency community which has prompted mainstream companies to continue cryptocurrency adoption projects. Among these companies are household names like Samsung, MasterCard, and Facebook which is fighting on several fronts to launch its controversial Libra cryptocurrency. Latest Bitcoin News features the improvements these companies are making to their respective cryptocurrency offerings and what to expect from BTC price in the coming days. Mastercard Bolsters Crypto Development Team and Crypto Wallet Projects – Bitcoin News Today – Crypto News Now FIntech giant MasterCard is reportedly increasing the number of talents on its blockchain team to work on its cryptocurrency features. Going by information on its job portal, the payment company is looking to fill several blockchain-related roles including senior positions for its cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency wallet development. Here are some..

Dark Market Drug Dealers Plead Guilty, Forfeit Crypto Proceeds

A drug-dealing couple has pleaded guilty to selling a variety of controlled assets on the dark web in exchange for cryptocurrencies. A couple operating out of Merced, California have pleaded guilty to selling drugs on the dark web in exchange for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The United States Department of Justice announced the charges in a press release on Aug. 6. According to the announcement, Jabari Monson has pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute controlled substances, while Saudia Monson plead guilty to violating the Travel Act. Saudia allegedly used both mail and the internet to distribute controlled substances. According to the press release, the Monsons distributed cocaine, cocaine base, methamphetamine and marijuana through multiple vendor accounts on the dark-web marketplace Dream Market for about half a year. These accounts include “Best Buy Meds,” “Trap Mart” and “House Of Dank.” Assistant United States Attorneys will be prosecuti..

Online Sentiment Toward Crypto Market in 2019 — Attitudes Are Positive

A study reveals that more than 80% of all crypto related posts on Reddit are positive in nature, sentiment toward crypto on a rise in recent years... Despite all of the bad press that the digital asset industry continues to receive on an almost daily basis, it appears as though the overall sentiment of the online communities in regard to this burgeoning domain is still pretty positive. For example, Comparitech — a research firm that provides its consumers with a host of specialized data that allows one to make more informed decisions — recently used a machine learning-based analysis tool to study more than 48K Reddit posts to determine which cryptocurrencies were viewed most favorably by the masses. Not only that, the study also took into consideration a total of 7,500 crypto/blockchain-related articles from a variety of different national and international media outlets. All of the posts, tweets and articles analyzed by the researchers were scored on the basis of their positive/negat..
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