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Blockchain Startup Solve.Care Partners with Uber to Transport Patients

Blockchain healthcare startup Solve.Care has partnered with Uber Health to transport patients. Blockchain healthcare startup Solve.Care has partnered with Uber Health to transport patients, Solve.Care announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on July 9. Per the release, Uber Health’s transportation services will be integrated into Solve.Care’s personal healthcare coordination and administration app Care.Wallet. Within the app, patients will reportedly be able to schedule an Uber Health ride, which claims to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Furthermore, patients will also be able to pay for the service with their Care.Wallet and share the costs with family members, employers, insurers, or other relevant people. Uber Health head Dan Trigub is quoted in the press release commenting on the development: “Every year, an estimated 3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments due to a lack of reliable transportation, with..

Tron ‘Partners’ With Local Police Against Angry Mob at Beijing Office

Chinese police surrounded the Tron’s office in Beijing, as people came to express outrage at a scam going under a Tron-like name. The Tron office in Beijing has been surrounded by police as a crowd gathered to protest against a Chinese ponzi scheme that went under a Tron-like name, Twitter personality Crypto Authority reports on July 8. Videos with crowds surrounded by police officers in the Tron’s office have spread over Twitter, with people apparently coming to express outrage at a local crypto scam that reportedly led to $30 million worth of losses and one suicide. As can be seen on the videos, people are apparently considering Tron to be the fraudulent entity, with the crowd reportedly yelling "Tron is a scam.” While Tron has not provided an official feedback on the matter to date, the firm’s CEO Justin Sun has recently warned investors against scam schemes using names of Tron and Tron-owned BitTorrent. “As a leading blockchain protocol, there are Ponzi schemes using TRON, BitTorr..

Ripple Gets More Partners To Use Its Tech, Has Facebook’s Libra...

Ripple News Today – The entire XRP army and Ripple community has been talking about Facebook’s Libra and what it means for xRapid and XRP. When the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse said that the launch of Libra was going to be a blessing to the entire cryptocurrency community, many people didn’t believe it. However, it can’t be a coincidence that Bitcoin started a parabolic bull run right after Facebook released the white paper for Libra. Also, Ripple is signing up new clients at a record pace. In our XRP news yesterday, we noted that Libra is going to be a wakeup call for banks. How deep does Libra’s influence go? Ripple News Today – XRP News Today – XRP Latest Update – Ripple Signs In New Clients During Brainstorm Finance hosted by Fortune, Garlinghouse expressed his excitement about the release of the Facebook cryptocurrency. In his words; “I’m going to send a case of champagne to David Marcus, the guy who runs Libra. The reason is, this week will probably be the best week of sign..

Oxfam Partners With Tech Firms to Test Dai’s Use in Disaster...

Oxfam has partnered with Australian tech startup Sempo and blockchain company ConsenSys to test stablecoin Dai’s ability to provide aid in regions struck by natural disasters. International charity organization Oxfam has partnered with Australian tech startup Sempo and blockchain company ConsenSys to test stablecoin Dai’s (DAI) suitability for aid in regions suffering from natural disasters, local news outlet Micky reported on June 17. The parties launched a philanthropic initiative dubbed UnBlocked Cash with the support of the Australian Government. To test the system, Sempo and Oxfam chose purportedly the world’s most natural disaster-prone country, Vanuatu. During the trial, 200 residents of the island Efate were given tap and pay cards containing around 400 vatu each ($50 at press time) connected to an Ethereum (ETH) address credited by Oxfam with $50 worth of Dai. 34 local vendors were provided with Android smartphones to be able to accept payments. Sempo co-founder Nick Williams..

Digital Asset Partners With Amazon AWS Aurora on Smart Contract Language...

Digital Asset has partnered with Amazon Web Services Aurora to make its open-source smart contract language more interoperable. Blockchain software firm Digital Asset has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora to make its open-source smart contract language Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) more interoperable. The partnership was revealed in a press release acquired by a Cointelegraph correspondent at the IMN Synchronize Europe Conference in London on June 18. The partnership will enable multi-platform DAML support for various blockchain networks, notably including Hyperledger Fabric and blockchain consortium R3’s Corda, both specifically cited in the press release. Introduced in April 2016, DAML is an expressive language designed for financial institutions and enterprises to model and execute agreements through distributed ledger technology (DLT). Digital Asset’s cooperation with AWS Aurora — Amazon’s cloud storage engine — will enable firms to build applications using ..

Crypto Wallet Provider BRD Partners With Wyre to Roll Out US...

BRD has announced a partnership with blockchain infrastructure firm Wyre that will enable U.S. customers to purchase crypto using bank transfers. Global mobile crypto wallet provider BRD has announced a partnership with blockchain payments and infrastructure firm Wyre that will enable its United States-based customers to purchase cryptocurrencies using bank transfers. The news was revealed in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on June 13. According to the press release, U.S. customers will be able to purchase bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and dai (DAI) by directly linking their BRD wallet to their bank account and making a low-fee transfer. The new service is reportedly supported by over 1,700 U.S. banks, and ostensibly allows for purchases to be completed within five minutes. In a statement, Aaron Lasher, BRD’s chief strategy officer and co-founder, said that the new service aims to ensure that the blockchain sector remains decentralized and inclusive. He alleged that currently m..

US FDA Partners With IBM and Walmart to Improve Drug Supply...

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration teamed up with four major global companies to boost drug supply chains with blockchain. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has partnered with four global high-profile firms to apply blockchain in the drug supply chain, tech media outlet ZDNet reports on June 13. The FDA has reportedly teamed up with companies including IBM, Walmart, Big Four auditor KPMG, and the world's oldest pharma firm Merck in order to build a proof-of-concept (PoC) blockchain network to share and track data on distribution of prescription drugs. According to the report, the initiative is connected with the United States Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and intends to assist the FDA — as well as other pharmaceutical organizations — in optimizing the supply chain of pharma products. Specifically, the project’s participants aim to speed up the process of tracking inventory, as well as providing accuracy of data shared between members of the suppl..

Azerbaijan Government Partners With IBM on Blockchain Customs Deal

The latest move cements blockchain’s position in state business following interest from various authorities. IBM is expanding its partnership work with Azerbaijan’s government to bring blockchain technology to customs procedures, Central Asian-focused Trend News Agency reported on June 12. Following a reported deal with the country’s central bank in October 2018 — which should see blockchain deployed in various areas over a five-year period — IBM will now use the technology to target cargo transportation. The news came from Azerbaijan’s State Customs Committee, the chairman of which, Safar Mehdiyev, spoke about the plans at a press conference during the ongoing IT/TI Conference and Exhibition of the World Customs Organization. “It will be possible to obtain the necessary information from the database online, without outside interference,” he explained. Mehdiyev added: “It will be useful for both entrepreneurs and customs authorities, as it will improve the quality of customs services ..

Legal & General Partners With Amazon to Use Blockchain for Pension...

Amazon partners with insurance agency Legal & General to make a bulk annuities transactions using blockchain technology Online retail giant Amazon has partnered with United Kingdom-based insurance agency Legal & General to create a blockchain system for managing corporate pension deals, according to a report by Reuters on June 11. Legal & General will reportedly make use of the Amazon Managed Blockchain for its bulk annuity transactions, which happen when companies transfer their pension schemes to Legal & General for insurance. According to an article by the Financial Times, companies make bulk annuity transactions to insurers like this so that they are not ultimately responsible for personally paying their employees’ pensions. CEO of Legal & General Reinsurance Thomas Olunloyo commented on how a blockchain solution is fitting given the longevity of annuities: “... it allows data and transactions to be signed, recorded and maintained in a permanent and secure nature over the lifetime..

TrustToken Partners With Binance to Enable In-Exchange TUSD Minting and Redeeming

TrustToken, the stablecoin operator behind usd-pegged token TUSD, announced a partnership with Binance. TrustToken, the stablecoin operator behind usd-pegged token trueusd (TUSD), announced a partnership with major cryptocurrency exchange Binance in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on June 4. Per the release, as a result of the partnership, Binance users now will be able to buy TUSD for zero fees and redeem it for fiat currency. A TrustToken representative told Cointelegraph in an email that they are “bringing a direct fiat-to-crypto onramp/offramp to Binance” to users following registration in their app. The spokesperson further noted that Binance also listed the paxos standard (PAX) stablecoin. The spokesperson also claims that “at this time only TrueUSD is technologically capable of allowing users to purchase and redeem directly from their exchange wallets once they've registered in our app.” In May, Paxos announced that its users can now instantaneously redeem unlimi..
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