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UPS Integrates Blockchain Platform to Improve Merchant Supply Chains

Logistics giant UPS and e-commerce tech firm Inxeption have launched a blockchain platform aimed to improve merchant supply chains. Major American postal carrier UPS and e-commerce technology company Inxeption have jointly rolled out a blockchain-powered platform to improve merchant supply chains. The development was announced in a press release published on March 21. The new blockchain platform dubbed Inxeption Zippy is designed to help companies list, market and distribute their products to customers. The platform purportedly enables merchants to monitor the entire supply chain from product listing to delivery, ensuring that sensitive data like contract-specific pricing and rates are only accessible to the buyer and seller. By using the platform, merchants will purportedly be able to upload product information, schedule orders, monitor returns, process transactions, and review sales and marketing analytics, among other services. Farzad Dibachi, CEO of Inxeption, said that the platfo..

Redditors Call Out Reported Scam on Blockchain-Based Prediction Platform Augur

At least one scammer is reportedly gaming other users on the blockchain-powered event betting platform Augur by creating deliberately invalid markets. At least one scammer is reportedly gaming other users on the blockchain-powered event betting platform Augur by creating deliberately invalid markets, according to a Reddit thread published on March 20. Created by the non-profit Forecast Foundation, Augur is an Ethereum (ETH) mainnet-based predictions platform, which launched in July 2018. The platform allows users to stake tokens to bet on predictions of the outcome of a given event. The reported scam entails a bad actor creating a predictions market that contains subtle contradictions or inconsistencies in its wording, which will ultimately lead to the market being declared invalid, and all staked funds thus being distributed evenly between betters. Meanwhile, the creator of the purposefully invalid market bets on outcomes that are unlikely to win, having vouchsafed for him- or hersel..

Funding Platform SeriesOne Partners With Polymath to Use Its Security Token...

American crowdfunding portal SeriesOne partnered with Polymath to enhance raising capital via its security token protocol. United States-based crowdfunding platform SeriesOne has partnered with security token protocol platform Polymath, according to a press release published on March 19. The new partnership intends to create a digital securities offering ecosystem via the SeriesOne platform. According to the press release, the partnership between SeriesOne and Polymath will let token issuers create and manage regulatory-compliant security tokens from the initial offering stage to trading on a secondary exchange. SeriesOne CEO Michael Mildenberger expressed confidence that Polymath’s security token protocol, ST-20, is set to improve the process of raising capital on the platform. Polymath’s ST-20 protocol is a token standard that is designed specifically for issuing and managing security tokens. ST-20 represents an extension of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain-based ERC-20 protocol. Un..

Huobi Launches Token Sale Platform to Let Investors Sample Pre-Release Altcoins

The platform should go live March 26, Huobi executives say, and will be available for both major and private investors. Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global is launching a dedicated platform for pre-release token sales, the company confirmed in a blog post on March 20. The platform, dubbed Huobi Prime, aims to give participating investors access to new altcoin tokens before they appear on major exchanges. Prospective projects will go through a vetting procedure, with successful applicants offering tokens to investors via three 30-minute flash sales, the blog post outlines. Huobi Prime is geared to both large and small investors, with individuals subject to a maximum $1,000 investment cap. The cap will be applied in terms of the native Huobi Token (HT), which will be the sole trading partner for new tokens on offer. “We’ve designed it from the ground up to be a more innovative, direct, and responsive way to access up and coming new tokens,” CEO Leon Li commented in the ..

Kakao Affiliate Dunamu Launches Blockchain Service Platform

Kakao’s fintech arm Dunamu is reportedly launching a blockchain service platform designed to help companies start businesses. Dunamu, the fintech arm of South Korea’s largest Internet corporation Kakao, is reportedly launching a blockchain service platform designed to help companies start businesses using blockchain. Korea’s JoongAng Daily reported the news on March 19. The platform, which is called Luniverse and supervised by blockchain technology research lab Lambda256, is geared to help IT startups develop blockchain-based services. The platform reportedly has a high level of security and an automated scaling function, that can adjust blockchain sizes in accordance with the amount of data stored on it. To implement the service, Dunamu reportedly collaborated with blockchain companies that provided various blockchain apps and products following clients’ business fields. Park Jae-hyun, CEO and former research head of Lambda256 said that “in the past, a lot of companies built their ow..

Overstock CEO Praises tZERO Blockchain Platform in Q4 Earnings Report

The encouragement comes despite withdrawal of investment plans for tZERO, while Overstock will change its strategy this year. Canadian online retailer said it would counter its significant losses for 2018 with a return to profits this year in its Q4 earnings report released on March 18. Overstock, which is famous as being one of the first major retailers to accept Bitcoin (BTC), saw profitability dive through last year as a result of a change of strategy, something CEO Patrick Byrne says he will now reverse. “Our retail arm lost money last year because I gunned things in an attempt to create a conventional high-growth/money losing e-commerce business, but the losses were nauseating and we reverted back to the philosophy of profitability on which we built Overstock,” he wrote in a letter to shareholders. Byrne added: “As a result, in 2019 Retail will return to profitability, generating a positive operating cash flow ≥ $10M.” As part of the Q4 breakdown, Byrne drew specifi..

French Court Clerks to Use IBM Blockchain Platform for Corporate Registry

French clerks of commercial courts will use a blockchain platform developed with IBM to record changes in companies’ legal status. French commercial court clerks will use a blockchain-based platform to record changes in companies’ legal status within the country. The development was revealed in an official announcement on March 14. The blockchain network was jointly developed by IBM and the National Council of Clerks (NCC) and will reportedly be deployed starting in 2019 by the clerks operating in commercial courts across France. The blockchain platform is built on the Hyperledger Fabric framework and aims to increase transparency and efficiency in legal transactions associated with the lifecycle of companies in the registry. Specifically, the solution will be used to record and share data related to “the exchanges of regulatory information related to companies' difficulties,” as well as “the changes of status of the company registered on the French territory.” That includes such..

Thailand’s Stock Exchange Plans to Roll Out Digital Asset Platform in...

The Stock Exchange of Thailand announced it is ready to start building a new digital asset system. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) plans to roll out its digital asset platform in 2020, according to an official statement released on March 13. Following recent reports purportedly revealing the plans, the SET has confirmed that it will build a digital asset platform as a part of its three-year strategic plan from 2019 to 2021. In the announcement, the Thai exchange claimed that the local capital market will experience a transformation into the digital age in two areas. The first field will be a complete digitization of the capital market infrastructure in order to provide paperless operations. The second direction will be building a new ecosystem that will support digital assets in order to create new opportunities and transform the investment landscape. SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai stated that the exchange is ready to start creating a new digital asset ecosystem, adding tha..

Cross-Platform Blockchain Project Cosmos Launches First Hub After $17 Million ICO

Tendermint has launched the Cosmos Network — the first blockchain in a series of proof-of-stake chains aimed to increase interoperability. Blockchain platform Cosmos, which is set to work as a mediator between different blockchains, has officially launched the first hub of its ecosystem on Wednesday, Mar. 13. The Cosmos initial coin offering (ICO), held in April 2017, raised a little more than $17 million. The Cosmos Network, which describes itself as “The Internet of Blockchains,” was developed by California-based startup Tendermint Inc — a software development company that was appointed by Swiss non-profit Interchain Foundation to develop the cross-blockchain ecosystem. The mainnet launch, which was announced on Cosmos Twitter, was also streamed live on Youtube, mimicking the launch of a rocket with Christine C., the community architect at Tendermint, dressed as an astronaut. The first block was mined at 11 p.m. UTC (7 p.m. EST) on March 13. According to the Cosmos Network website, ..

Citowise Launches First Platform That Lets Users Acquire a Company with...

After much testing and hard work, Citowise is announcing the first stage of their new platform – With this solution, everyone can acquire a ready-made company with a crypto-friendly bank account in 4 jurisdictions: England, Cyprus, Marshall Islands, and Northern Ireland. This package deal can be purchased with bitcoin, and within minutes users are 2 steps away from legally establishing financial ownership. Physical documents are sent directly to users to sign. “The entire process is done remotely and with your convenience in mind. We are very excited to see how this opportunity changes the way companies are bought and sold.” Aleksandr Kents, Founder of Citowise. Citowise is starting off with England, Cyprus, Marshall Islands, and Northern Ireland as they cover a significant market share. The pain point of having to fly to another country to set up a business or open a new company, in addition to language barriers and legal issues is all, by design, solved with ..
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