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Iran Crypto Devs Launch Platform for Flood Victims in Light of...

Crypto developers in Iran have created a charity platform for crypto donations in an effort to bypass United States sanctions. Volunteer cryptocurrency developers in Iran have created a blockchain platform called IranRescueBit, which allows people to make charitable cryptocurrency donations to aid regions in the country in recovering from destructive flooding. Al Jazeera shared the news in a report on Aug. 14. According to the report, the platform supports donations in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). The government is reportedly not involved in the project. IranRescueBit reportedly allows donors to dodge American sanctions that have insofar prohibited international donations to the Iranian Red Crescent Society, which is a non-governmental humanitarian society within Iran. According to the report, the advantage of cryptocurrencies in this case is that no centralized authority is needed to verify the transactions due to the decentralized nature of crypto confirmations. Ir..

Binance Jersey Partners with Crypto Platform Caspian for Faster Trades

Binance’s fiat-to-crypto service for European currencies has partnered with a fast-execution crypto platform. Binance’s fiat-to-crypto conversion branch for euros and British pounds, Binance Jersey, has entered into a partnership with the crypto investment service Caspian, which provides trading, portfolio and risk management on its platform. Caspian shared news of the partnership with Cointelegraph on Aug. 14. The partnership will purportedly result in improved security for crypto investors, as well as a lower barrier to entry for the crypto market. The managing director of Caspian Chris Jenkins elaborated: “I am delighted for us to partner with Binance Jersey, a substantial step forward in helping move the wide adoption of cryptocurrency trading forward for the institutional market in Europe [...] As increasing numbers of institutions engage in this emerging sector, there is an increasing need for a reliable fiat-to-crypto exchange.” Binance Jersey CEO Jon Day also remarked that he ..

Google Cloud Partners With Enterprise Blockchain Platform Cypherium

Google Cloud and blockchain platform Cypherium have partnered to deliver enterprise blockchain services to Google Cloud clients. Ubiquitous tech behemoth Google cloud wing is entering into another partnership with a blockchain platform, Cypherium. Cypherium announced the new partnership in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Aug. 13. Cypherium describes its product, Cypherium Enterprise, as an enterprise-focused blockchain platform with a focus on scalability and decentralization. As a result of this partnership, Google Cloud customers will have access to Cypherium’s blockchain solutions, as per the announcement. As per the press release, Cypherium purports to offer an enterprise blockchain that supports thousands of transactions per second, in addition to confidentiality and blockchain interoperability. Cypherium CEO Sky Guo remarked: “We’re delighted to be collaborating with Google Cloud to provide enterprises with a full-stack solution to harness the potential of this par..

Blockstack Joins Lambda School for New Platform to Teach App Coding

Blockstack teams up with Lambda School for new App Mining Program, which reportedly teaches Blockstack app coding without charging students until they are hired. Privacy-centric computing network and app ecosystem Blockstack has announced a partnership with Lambda School. Students enrolled in the program can reportedly now learn how to code Blockstack apps and earn monthly revenue through its App Mining Program. Gain the skills to pay the billsAccording to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on August 12, Lambda is a skills-based online school with a curriculum designed around the requirements of employers. This reportedly ensures that graduates master all the skills required to succeed. In addition, it offers tuition at no cost until the student is hired, thus removing barriers to high-paying careers. According to CEO Austen Allred, the partnership with Blockstack “gives Lambda School students a direct path for gaining real-world development experience while earning additional ..

New Zealand Bank ASB Invests in Local Blockchain Trade Platform

New Zealand bank ABS funds local blockchain startup to expedite global trade platform. New Zealand’s Auckland Saving Bank (ASB) has invested in local blockchain startup TradeWindow. The funding, reported Aug. 13, should expedite the launch of the company’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) trade platform. Applying blockchain to the global supply chainTradeWindow CEO, AJ Smith, believes that this link-up represents one of the first times a New Zealand bank has directly invested in a technology company. The company offers a host of solutions aimed at the global trade and supply chain industry. With 12,000 registered exporters in New Zealand alone, Smith says he is excited about the “major market opportunity this offers. Nigel Annett, Executive General Manager of Corporate Banking at ASB was equally effusive. "TradeWindow has the potential to truly transform the way our customers experience the international trade process. They will be able to operate more efficiently with trust and s..

Colu Blockchain Platform Shutting Down, Buys Back Its Tokens

Colu has shut down its blockchain platform and is offering to repurchase its tokens from investors for Ether. Colu Group subsidiary Colu DLT has announced that it is shutting down its blockchain-based Colu Local Network, and is offering to repurchase and burn the accompanying CLN tokens sold to investors during its initial coin offering (ICO). The company’s buyback offer comes by way of an official announcement from Colu DLT on its website. According to the notice, the company is looking to repurchase its tokens with Ether (ETH) over a 90-day period. The company intends to subsequently burn all the tokens repurchased this way. According to the announcement, the major CLN purchasers have approved the company’s buyback-and-burn plan. Additionally, the company specifies that the resale will use the ETH to CLN conversion price at the time of the ICO, which is apparently higher than the tokens’ current exchange rate. They also specify that there will be Know Your Customer and Anti-Money La..

EY Hired to Help Develop Blockchain-Based Fine Wine Trading Platform

Consulting giant EY is helping a fine wine investment trading company to develop a blockchain-based platform for its clients. A blockchain-based fine wine investment trading platform has selected Big Four auditing firm EY to provide technology services as its development continues. WiV Technology enables clients to trade bottles and cases of premium wine, with the origin, quality and value of assets certified on a constantly updated blockchain. In a news release on Aug. 12, EY said that wine will be tokenized through the use of non-fungible ERC-721 tokens on the platform. Saving cost and timeSmart contracts are used to track wine ownership and transaction history, and the properties of every wine case are stored as detailed metadata. The wine is secured in a bonded warehouse, and it is believed investors will be able to trade and sell these assets “at a fraction of the cost and time required previously.” Tommy Nordam Jensen, the CEO and founder of WiV Technology, said: “Fine wine is a..

IBM and Tata Become Governing Council ‘Owners’ of Hedera DLT Platform

Hedera says the addition of IBM and Tata Communications to its council “further decentralizes the platform’s governance.” Public distributed ledger Hedera Hashgraph has announced that IBM and Tata Communications have joined its governing council. In a news release on Aug. 12, the platform described the addition of the two firms as a “powerful endorsement” of its hashgraph consensus mechanism. “Diverse array” of council membersMance Harmon, the CEO of Hedera Hashgraph, said IBM and Tata Communications’ presence further decentralizes the platform’s governance, adding: “Our governance model, which includes a robust system of checks and balances, ensures power can’t be consolidated, while at the same time providing a stable and scalable platform on which developers can build.” Up to 39 multinational entities will make up the Hedera Governing Council. Each member can serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms, and they are responsible for eliminating the risk of forks and guarante..

US DOE Dedicates $1.05 Mil to Blockchain Energy Management Platform

US Department of Energy awards $1.05 million to energy company and universities developing a blockchain-based energy management platform. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded a grant worth $1.05 million to organizations working to commercialize a blockchain-based energy transaction platform. From energy management to energy exchangeThe news comes from an August 9 press release shared by energy company ComEd, one of the grant’s four reported recipient organizations. The others are the University of Denver, Virginia Tech and BEM Controls, a company specializing in energy management software. The new project is reportedly a continuation of BEM Controls’ existing DOE-funded work on software to enhance energy efficiency in buildings. This latest grant is to expand and promote a new blockchain-based energy marketplace, with ComEd to use its Grid of the Future Lab to demonstrate the new system’s functionality. The new initiative is expected to be in development for three..

Coinbase’s Professional Platform to Begin Listing Process for Algorand Token

The professional trading arm of Coinbase is scheduled to begin listing Algorand, a cryptocurrency developed by an MIT professor. Major cryptocurrency platform Coinbase is adding the Algorand protocol’s eponymous token to its professional-targeted trading platform Coinbase Pro on Aug. 14. Coinbase announced this latest addition in an official blog post on Aug. 9. The cryptocurrency exchange will scale up to full Algorand (ALGO) trading in four steps: transfer-only, post-only, limit-only and full trading. The announcement also recalls some other common procedures for adding a new token to its platform, which include announcing the onboarding phases as they occur on Twitter and that they will provide immediate support for Algorand in every supported jurisdiction with the exception of New York. As per the announcement, Algorand is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve some common issues — decentralization, scalability and security — within current blockchain infrastructure. Algorand report..
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