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Bitmex CEO Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) To Reach $10,000 This Year

Founder and CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX, Arthur Hayes says bitcoin (BTC) will test the $10,000 mark later this year in his bitcoin forecast for 2019. Hayes released a newsletter on Friday, March 22 where he detailed his bitcoin predictions and other research findings. Bitcoin Recovery will reach $10,000 Per the newsletter based on work of BitMex research division, Hayes predicted that bitcoin will recover from the crypto winter. He wrote that the crypto market recovery will start during the fourth quarter of 2019 and get to $10,000. Drawing parallels to happenings in the conventional markets he encouraged, “All is not lost; nothing goes up or down in a straight line.” He continued “The 2019 chop will be intense, but the markets will claw back to $10,000…2019 will be boring, but green shoots will appear towards year-end.” He predicted a surge past $10,000 similar to 2017: “That [$10,000] is a very significant psychological barrier. […] $20,000 is the ultimate recov..

Barclays Analyst Predicts Billions in Additional Revenue From ‘Facebook Coin’ by...

A Barclays analyst stated that a possible “Facebook Coin” could generate $19 billion in additional revenue by 2021. Facebook’s own cryptocurrency, if launched, could potentially generate $19 billion in additional revenue by 2021, CNBC reports on March 11. Barclays internet analyst Ross Sandler wrote in a client note that a cryptocurrency could establish a new revenue stream for Facebook, aiding its share price that tanked amid a series of high-profile scandals last year. In his forecast, Sandler pointed out that the crypto-based revenue option is something “sorely needed at this stage of the company’s narrative,” stressing that any advertising-free revenue streams are likely to be well-perceived by Facebook’s shareholders. Sandler said that his more conservative revenue estimate for the new coin is $3 billion. The Barclays analyst recalled Facebook’s original payment project that was similar to what cryptocurrencies are today. Developed by California-based firm The Menlo Park in 2010,..

Forbes Analyst Predicts That Litecoin (LTC) Will Take Over XRP (XRP)...

Many true believers will never admit this but in the cryptocurrency space, price prediction is important. It’s true that the price action of cryptocurrencies isn’t supposed to affect your interest in the industry. However, it’s difficult to completely ignore it. For a while now, many investors have been searching for accurate Litecoin price prediction 2019 and XRP price prediction 2019 among others. Well, an analyst on Forbes recently gave price predictions for both coins. In fact, the analyst proposed that there will be a flipping toward the end of the year that will put LTC ahead of XRP. Litecoin Price Prediction 2019: Why Is The Price Of LTC Rising? Currently, Litecoin price prediction 2019 puts the altcoin in the fourth place per market capitalization. The XRP price prediction 2019 puts it in the third place. Both coins fell significantly during the cryptocurrency winter losing more than 80% against the USD from their all-time highs. At the beginning of the year, however, LTC star..

Cryptocurrency Investor Predicts Bitcoin Bottom And The End Of The Crypto...

The cryptocurrency market collapse that happened shortly after cryptocurrencies hit their all-time highs affected investors across the board. Since the price of BTC started declining, many prominent members have been calling for a bottom but it doesn’t seem to be in sight. Why is it difficult to see a bottom? Has Bitcoin already bottomed out? When will the cryptocurrency winter end? One popular member of the cryptocurrency community, EmptyBeerBottle recently weighed in on the issue. Cryptocurrency Investor, EmptyBeerBottle Talks About Bitcoin’s Bottom EmptyBeerBottle took to Twitter air his views on the elusive Bitcoin bottom. According to him, it would be difficult for investors to call the exact bottom for Bitcoin now. However, he said that it would be a good idea to start accumulating BTC weekly awaiting an inevitable bull run. In his words “History tells us that buying a set amount of #Bitcoin per week/month and setting it aside will be a good financial decision if you believe in..

John McAfee Predicts ‘Hard Date’ For $1 Million Bitcoin (BTC) –...

John McAfee who was a US Presidential Candidate and former ICO-enthusiast, turned crypto expert has set a ‘hard date’ for Bitcoin (BTC) price to hit the $1 million mark. McAfee’s move follows a prediction of “$1 million Bitcoin (BTC) someday” by Jesse Lund, the vice-president of IBM a Blockchain and digital currency-based startup. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD Name Price24H (%)$3,964.49 0.26% Lund: I See Bitcoin (BTC) at $1 Million One Day Lund made this prediction during an interview when asked about his view of the future for Bitcoin (BTC). He said: “I see Bitcoin (BTC) hitting the $1 million mark someday. I have blogged about this a bit.” Lund’s prediction may, however, be partly based on a preference for round figures. The IBM vice president remarked that he liked the figure due to the fact a “Satoshi token will be equal to a U.S. penny.” Lund also insisted that the $20 trillion liquidity of Bitcoin (BTC), would alter the global financial services landscape massively. ..

Tim Draper Predicts Crypto Will Rule, Only Criminals Will Use Cash...

Bitcoin bull Tim Draper said that cash will be used only by criminals in five years, while crypto will become widespread. Billionaire investor and known Bitcoin (BTC) bull Tim Draper argued that in five years, only criminals will use fiat as crypto becomes universally widespread. Draper made his claims in an interview with American financial news tv channel Fox Business released on Feb. 18. Reiterating his previous statements predicting that fiat money will become laughable and obsolete in five years, Draper has elaborated on his forecast, stating that nobody but criminals will keep using cash, since criminals who use crypto can be tracked via blockchain. He said: “The criminals will still want to operate with cash, because they catch everybody who is trying to use Bitcoin.” In August 2018, an agent of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) noted that she prefers people to keep using cryptocurrencies, as the blockchain provides tool to identify criminals. In the inter..

Chinese Crypto Miner Predicts That Bitcoin Could Reach $740K

A founder of Chinese mining pool Poolin predicted that the price of Bitcoin could reach nearly $740,000. Zhu Fa, co-founder of Poolin, a Chinese-based crypto mining pool, predicted that the Bitcoin (BTC) price could hit 5 million Chinese yuan ($738,000 (USD), crypto news outlet 8BTC reported on Feb.11. While Zhu noted that “it now feels more like a bear market,” he reportedly predicted that in the next bull run, prices will be 10–20 times higher than previous ones. Zhu also noted that massive prices spikes like the one that resulted in the $20,000 per BTC high in 2017, will not always exist, adding that the next bull run could be the last. Predictions from experts in various aspects of the crypto space have ranged from bullish to extremely bearish. During a blockchain event in April 2018, investment tycoon Tim Draper forecasted that by 2022 the price of Bitcoin could reach $250,000. Earlier this week, Barry Silbert, CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments,..

Coinbase Executive, Marcus Hughes, Predicts That Bitcoin Will Experience Big Developments...

Since 2018, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen significantly. The last serious fall happened in November after the BCH fork war. As expected, the entire cryptocurrency market suffered significant losses as well. The total market capitalization fell from $200 to $100 and risked falling below the $100 mark. Many anti-crypto experts in the financial industry mocked those who still believe in Bitcoin even with the cryptocurrency winter. Bitcoin Continues To See Development Amid The Bear Market Even if many speculators sold their Bitcoin awaiting the next bull run, there are still those who are bullish about the flagship cryptocurrency. Recently, Marcus Hughes, the United Kingdom lead counsel for Coinbase said that Bitcoin will experience big changes this year per regulation. In his words: “In one or two years, we are going to see big developments. Regulations will become more defined in Europe this year.” This comment isn’t unfounded. The Financial Conduct Authority that oversees the ..

Joey Krug, Prominent Crypto Investor, Predicts Choppy Waters For BTC In...

What will 2019 hold for BTC? This is one question everyone in the cryptocurrency community has been looking for an answer to following the extended bear market that started in 2018. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are hoping that there will be a rebound soon. Even if the ecosystem is currently doing well on a fundamental level, the price of cryptocurrencies are still in the dip. A bull rally seems impossible at this point. Right now, even the most bullish investors are predicting more bear pressure. Joey Krug Says Choppy Waters Await BTC The co-founder of Augur, a prominent Ethereum-based project who is also Pantera’s co-chief investment officer, Joey Krug, had a lot to say about BTC. During a sit down with Bloomberg, Emily Chang asked him what he expects from cryptocurrencies in 2019. In response, he said that Bitcoin will face choppy waters this year and other cryptocurrencies will follow. Krug’s prediction may not be what speculators want to hear but it might just be the sad reali..

ETH will Race to $200: BitMex CEO Predicts another ICO Boom

The Chief Executive Officer of BitMex cryptocurrency exchange Arthur Hayes has tipped Ethereum’s native token ETH to surpass the $200 mark in the near future. Hayes, a vocal cryptocurrency analyst, said on Wednesday that the ETH surge will follow a resurgence of Initial Coin Offerings which is will happen within the next year and half. In an interview with Cryptocurrency news site Coin Telegraph on Wednesday Dec. 26, Hayes explained that the ICO market as of 2018 is dead but will rise again within or before 2020. He was quoted as saying: “The use case for Ether is primarily ICOs. That market is dead right now […] Once there are new issues, then Ether will rebound aggressively. When the ICO market returns, Ether will quickly test $200. The timing of the ICO rebirth is 12 to 18 months out.” The Demise of ICOs and Rise of STOs ICOs sued to be the talk of the cryptocurrency boom—several blockchain startups raising several millions from investors. But since the second half of 2018, IC..
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