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Traders Anticipate An XRP Price Rally To $300 As XRP Price...

XRP price prediction 2019 is still as bullish as ever even if the current price of XRP is dip in red against the USD. In fact, the XRP Army see this as a preparation for the next XRP bull run which, according to them, will take the price of XRP as high as $300. This would be the dream of every member of the XRP rich list. It would be the XRP news the XRP community has been waiting for all this time. XRP price is about to climax and this would be followed by a significant rise. Are members of the XRP rich list about to get richer or will the price of XRP continue to fall against the USD near-term? XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP News Today – XRP Rich List About To Boom – XRP Today The $300 XRP price prediction 2019 was made by one prominent member of the XRP community with the handle Crypto Rand. The cryptocurrency analyst predicted that the current XRP price action points to an impending bull run. What’s more, he said that the price of XRP would hit $300 by the end of this week. To pu..

Lightning Torch Reaches Final Destination, Over 0.4 BTC Donated to Humanitarian...

Charity-focused group Bitcoin Venezuela tweeted that the Lightning Torch had reached its final destination, with all accumulated Bitcoin donated to the organization. Charity-focused organization Bitcoin Venezuela tweeted on April 10 that the so-called Lightning Torch had reached its final destination, with all accumulated Bitcoin (BTC) donated to the group. By the time it got to the organization, the Lightning Torch had grown to exactly 0.4108021 BTC, which is currently equivalent to over $2,000. The Torch is an experiment first initiated by anonymous Twitter user Hodlnaut. The Lightning Torch is passed by sending the same BTC from user to user adding a little every time via the scalability solution, Lightning Network (LN). Bitcoin Venezuela is reportedly responsible for the humanitarian initiative “Bitcoin for Venezuela,” recently reporting it had given away meals to people in the country during a power outage. The organization also seemingly partnered with the donation-funded Lo..

Bitcoin Trading Volume Reaches 12-month High Above $11 Billion What This...

When the cryptocurrency winter started, the price of Bitcoin dropped significantly along with the trading volume. For the past few trading sessions, however, the price of Bitcoin has been recovering slowly against the USD. The trading volume has also been increasing in what appears to be an accumulation of BTC by thirsty investors. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD Name Price24H (%)$4,019.40 3.11% On Friday, the trading volume moved higher than $11 billion within a 24 hour period. This is the first time Bitcoins trading volume had moved that high in the past twelve months since the beginning of the cryptocurrency winter. It is 200% higher than anything we’ve seen in the last year. So, if you’re one of those who has been inputting queries like; is Bitcoin dead? It’s time to buy, relax and await a bull rally. What Does The Spike In Bitcoin Trading Volume Say About The Future Of Bitcoin? The last time the trading volume of Bitcoin was this high, the price of Bitcoin was hovering ar..

Hypnoxys Decentralized Messaging Application Successfully Reaches Hard-Cap with Incentivised Dapp

Bitcoin Press Release: The Hypnoxys team proudly reveals a successfully funded crypto-incentivised messaging application and protocol. February 25, 2019, Denmark– Hypnoxys (HYPX) is a project with the dream of decentralizing the ‘chatting industry’ and as such, has developed a multi-functional messenger app and protocol that delivers all the staples of instant messaging such as group chats, audio, and video calls etc., whilst also offering a native token that can be earned through using the application. Time for ChangeInstant messengers come in all shapes and sizes, though they typically offer simplistic over-used features that are lacking in innovation and are simply advertising revenue streams for their stakeholders. Furthermore, centralized systems have been taking advantage of user data and conversations for quite some time, and that needs to change. With HYPX, it will change. By tapping into blockchain technology, users can rest easy knowing that their conversations aren’t visible..

Bitcoin Trading Reaches All Time High in Venezuela Amidst Ongoing Economic...

Bitcoin weekly trading volumes in Venezuela reached a new all-time high, rising to almost $7 million per week on p2p platform LocalBitcoins. Bitcoin (BTC) trading volumes in Venezuela have reached a new all-time high amidst massive hyperinflation and an ongoing presidential crisis, tech news outlet TrustNodes reports Feb. 6. Bitcoin weekly trading volumes reached above 2,000 BTC (about $6.8 million) on peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange LocalBitcoins during the week ending Feb. 2. Venezuela LocalBitcoins Weekly Trade Volumes in BTC. Source: Coin.Dance The recorded trade volumes on LocalBitcoins are just a fraction of overall estimated Bitcoin trading by Venezuelans. As TrustNodes reports, a large amount of trading is taking place on centralized exchanges located in neighboring countries, such as Colombia and Brazil. In such cases, the total value of Bitcoin trading volumes by Venezuelans is difficult to estimate since trades are often made in local currencies of the neighboring countries. T..

Ethereum Reaches For The Moon Carrying BTC, XRP And The Entire...

Ethereum had a tough time in 2018. The price of ETH fell dramatically against the USD due to many factors like scam ICOs, increased number of smart contract platforms, failure of many ICOs that were hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, etc. As the price and market capitalization of Ethereum fell, it lost its position as the second largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization to XRP. For more than one month, XRP held this position. Ethereum Is Soaring Against The USD Yesterday, Ethereum started rising against the USD. Soaring higher and higher, ETH was able to take the second place from XRP once again. The rise in the price of Ether influenced the entire market. BTC, XRP, and almost all top cryptocurrencies recorded gains. Over a 24 hour period, ETH went up by 12%. Within a 30-day period, it is up by 80%. The rise in the price of ETH is most likely due to the upcoming Ethereum constantinople hard fork as it has increased the demand of the ETH token. As the price of ETH went up, BTC..

Corporate Blockchain Adoption Reaches 44%, Says Survey

Blockchain tech is one of the most widely adopted technologies in the current market, says Tata Communications. Indian telecoms giant Tata Communications named the key barriers to blockchain adoption for businesses globally, in a survey published Dec. 12. Part of a survey on emerging sectors — dubbed ‘The Cycle of Progress’ — Tata’s report noted concerns around costs, security and privacy as the “key adoption barriers for business decision makers” considering the implementation of new technologies. The survey also highlighted a growing skills gap as one of the major challenges in the adoption of new technology, including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The report also noted, however, that “[r]egardless of where their business is on its digital transformation journey, decision makers are firmly focused on the positive impact of technology.” “The Cycle of Progress sounds a warning call for businesses, with a clear ‘perception versus reality’ ga..

TRON (TRX) Reaches Milestone After Registering One Million User Addresses After...

In a period of bearish sentiment and uneven price movements over the past year many didn’t see good news coming. Particularly news that digital asset TRON (TRX) has now added 1 million users in only six months after it was launched as an altcoin. Following this development, the majority of the cryptocurrency community see this as a sign that TRON is moving ahead of Ethereum because Ether took about eighteen months to get to 1 million users. While others have refused to accept the idea that the six month race that took TRON to get to 1 million users meant it had ‘beaten’ the number three digital asset by market cap Ethereum (ETH). TRON (TRX) has reached 1 million registered user addresses in just six months since it was launched. The news that the Blockchain protocol had reached one million registered user addresses was revealed on December 23, as crypto executives continue in their criticism of rival, Ethereum (ETH). Data derived from the TRON (TRX) blockchain and uploaded to the soci..

TRON Reaches One Million User Addresses in Six Months Since Launch

Not everyone accepted the idea that TRON’s six-month race to 1 million meant it had ‘beaten’ Ethereum, which took 18 months. Blockchain protocol TRON (TRX) has passed one million user accounts, data revealed Dec. 23, as executives continue their criticism of rival Ethereum (ETH). Statistics from the TRON blockchain uploaded to social media by Misha Lederman, cofounder of the cryptocurrency’s spin-off project IAmDecentralized.org, confirmed that the network now features over one million addresses. TRON, which launched its mainnet earlier this year, seeks to become the go-to ecosystem for developers seeking to create decentralized applications (DApps). Known for publicly chiding Ethereum, which constitutes TRON’s main rival, CEO Justin Sun this week predicted a “slow implosion” for the altcoin. Commenting on the address landmark, Lederman suggested that the speed at which activity increased is also significantly higher than that of ETH. “In comparison, (Ethereum) reached 1 million accou..

Amid Hard Fork Scam Rumors, The Price Of Stellar Lumens (XLM)...

This year hasn’t been the best for cryptocurrencies. Things seem to have gone from bad to worst over the months since the beginning of the year after the prices started falling from the all-time highs. Last month, there was a lot of positive sentiment in the market that left investors optimistic once again. Unfortunately, things are becoming bleak. The trading volume of this weekend was relatively low for the entire market. Stellar, however, recorded significant gains this weekend. Even if it was unable to cross the $0.3 level, it was able to move above the $0.27 level which it hasn’t come near in a while. Stellar Faces Ecosystem Challenges Cryptocurrency social media hasn’t been saying good things about Stellar. There are a lot of people in crypto-twitter who aren’t intrigued by the rise in the price of XLM but are concerned about some developmental issues within the ecosystem. For starters, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts are worried about the fork Stellar team created. One user kno..
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