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8 Brilliant Reasons Why You NEED to Join BitStarz Today!

BitStarz Casino is the home of big wins, big promotions, and big action, but chances are you know that already. Since our inception back in 2014, we’ve been on a rollercoaster journey that has seen BitStarz launch many industry firsts, win industry-leading awards, and shake the foundations of online casino play to its core. Still on the fence about joining BitStarz? Here are eight brilliant reasons as to why you should create a BitStarz account sooner rather than later… We Make Millionaires – Fact When it comes to winning big, BitStarz players are breaking records left, right, and center. In 2019 alone, we’ve already made two multi-millionaires and we have this feeling that multi-millionaire number three is not too far away. Back in March, one incredibly lucky player entered this BitStarz history books, as he won a cool $1,376,221 from a single spin on Slotomon Go. Not long after that in May another player rumbled the reels on Azrabah Wishes, bagging a breathtaking $2,458,064 from a ..

VanEck: 4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Improves Investment Portfolio Upside

VanEck’s new research “The Investment Case for Bitcoin” argues that exposure to BTC greatly increases a portfolio’s return. Major United States investment management firm VanEck has listed four reasons why Bitcoin (BTC) improves an investment portfolio upside. On Oct. 8, VanEck released research titled “The Investment Case for Bitcoin,” aiming to determine what role the cryptocurrency can play in an investment portfolio. According to VanEck, a firm that attempted to list a Bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) with U.S. regulators in 2018, Bitcoin’s combination of “durability, scarcity, privacy, and its nature as a bearer asset all contribute to it holding monetary value.” 1. Monetary value instead of intrinsic valueAs VanEck often refers to bitcoin as “digital gold,” the asset manager argues that Bitcoin is a potential store of value. While Bitcoin critics usually point out a major narrative that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value as a primary argument for its failure, VanEck urged to..

Altcoin Platform Closes For Financial Reasons

Altcoin trading platform Coinexchange has announced that it is shutting down due to financial difficulties. Altcoin trading platform has announced that it is shutting down due to financial difficulties. In an official announcement on Oct. 1, the platform noted that the closure was purely a business decision and is not connected to any security breach or other incident. No longer economically is currently seeing daily traded volumes of roughly $700,000, according to CoinMarketCap, and supports over 500 altcoins. The platform stated: “Unfortunately it is no longer economically viable for us to continue offering market services. The costs of providing the required level of security and support now outweigh our earnings.” Gone in two weeksTrading and deposits on will be suspended on Oct. 15th. All traders are also requested to halt any activity as soon as possible. The website and withdrawals will remain operational until Dec. 1, the ..

The Reasons Why Blockchain Is Not Quite Ready for Facebook’s Dreams

What problems might blockchain face leading up to Libra’s launch and how can they be solved prior to Facebook’s entry into the crypto space? Many people have heard of blockchain technology, but few know what to make of it. Some people will tell you that it’s the next big thing, poised to disrupt almost every industry under the sun and reshape the world, affecting everything from real estate to education to the very structure of modern democracy. Others will assert that blockchain is technically advanced and theoretically interesting, but overhyped and impractical. NYU professor, former senior economist for international affairs in the Clinton White House’s council of economic advisers and Nobel Prize winning economist Nouriel Roubini once compared blockchain to “an Excel spreadsheet” and proposed that the technology has “absolutely no basis for success.” The truth lies somewhere between these two poles. Many proposed uses for blockchain will remain forever implausible: Blockchain wil..

3 Reasons Bitcoin Is Turning Into a Global Safe Haven for...

Global monetary easing will continue pushing Bitcoin price higher, analysts say. China’s recent currency devaluation seems in line with similar policies taking place across the globe. Let’s take a look why Bitcoin price is rising as a result and why investors are increasingly considering taking shelter in Bitcoin — a neutral and borderless network for storing and transferring value — alongside traditional safe haven assets. Every fiat currency is devaluing itself on purpose As the U.S. and other countries attempt to bolster economic growth through rate cuts, investors are beginning to flock to gold, cash, government bonds and increasingly Bitcoin as a hedge, according to economist, Raoul Pal. In a Twitter thread, the former Goldman Sachs executive makes the case for why the world is fast approaching a currency crisis. Pal also believes Bitcoin will thrive throughout the impending monetary carnage. He warns that: “We are at the most important juncture in FX markets in my entire 30 ye..

3 Reasons Analysts Are Bullish on Bitcoin Despite 33% Price Correction

Despite a bearish short-term outlook for Bitcoin price, next year’s halving event is one of the main factors for why some market analysts say $20,000 is in play. As Bitcoin dropped an additional 8% on Saturday, naysayers claim the rally to a new all-time high is over. So what is it that’s keeping market analysts bullish in the face of a 33 percent correction? Bitcoin price bears draw a line at $10,000Bitcoin’s most recent price action has been less than satisfactory, unless you’re a bear. To date, the top digital asset is down 32% from it’s 2019 high of $13,739 and short term price action remains overwhelmingly bearish. Over the past two weeks Bitcoin formed an M-top at $13,739 and $13,177 before dropping to the neckline around $9,600. Most traders expect that Bitcoin will retrace to the 61.8% and 50% Fibonacci Retracement level which is also near the CME futures gap. It’s possible that the group think surrounding the CME gap is causing it to function as a magnet, drawing BTC price ..

Reasons Why US Government Won’t Ban Libra Cryptocurrency

Does the U.S. government have the power to terminate Libra? What can it do? Things are heating up for Libra: This week’s United States congressional hearings showed that many politicians are not convinced by the safety aspects of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, as they grilled the social media giant on privacy- and trust-related issues. In response, Facebook keeps stressing Libra’s compliance with regulators and readiness to discuss possible frameworks. Meanwhile, a drafted bill titled “Keep Big Tech out of Finance” surfaced right before the testimonies before Congress took place. So, does the U.S. government have the power to terminate Libra — which is something Rep. Maxine Waters famously requested soon after the project’s white paper was released? Regulators’ arguments against Facebook’s Libra: privacy scandals, “broken journalism,” and “genocide”At this point, the regulatory environment in the U.S. seems rather hostile toward Libra — even President Doland Trump has spoken again..

4 Big Reasons Bitcoin’s Price Will Probably Not Stop at $20K...

As Bitcoin’s price soared past the key $10K, the main factors driving the rally this time around are much different than they were in late 2017. As bitcoin’s price keeps setting new yearly highs, the question on everyone’s mind right now is whether it’s different this time. Let’s take a closer look at why this rally is nothing like the “bubble” in 2017. Bitcoin all-time performance. Source: As many experts pointed out, BTC going above the key psychological $10,000 mark is likely to trigger FOMO (i.e., fear of missing out), according to Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, who adds that bitcoin can now easily take out its all-time highs. Other market analysts, such as Tone Vays, however, disagree. He told Cointelegraph: “I actually don’t think it’s important at al. The $10,000 benchmark did nothing to slow down price back in 2017. And it looks like it did nothing to slow down the prices here in 2019.” Institutions, not retail, in the driver’s seatBitcoin broke through into the mainstream..

Strong Reasons why Ethereum will become a winner in the long...

Ethereum Price surged along with bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies during the latest bitcoin bull ride. It has surged even further in the past few days to scale the $170 mark thereby giving cryptocurrency analysts and observers a lot to talk about in the short term. Ethereum Price suffered terribly in 2018 Until recently, price gains like this was not the story of Ethereum. ETH notably lost significantly against the dollar last year. Firstly, the general cryptocurrency market crashed and cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and Ethereum fell from all-time highs. Besides this, Ethereum fell further behind the cryptocurrency market a lot of time that year. This was blamed on the selloff of ETH by projects who raised funds in the network during the popular Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Ethereum Price predictions take a positive turn However, many analysts predict Ethereum to be a long term winner among other cryptos. In one of the Ethereum price prediction reported by Smartereum, Jo..

Litecoin News Update: Reasons Why the Value of LTC Is Expected...

The first quarter of this year and the better part of the second quarter has been terrible for Litecoin. When the value of the coin started depreciating at the beginning of the year, a lot of people thought it was just a normal retracement because of the massive leap that the digital currency had made at the end of last year. This time around, the trendline of the bears went too far. Sometimes, the digital currency acts like it wants to continue a bull run only to end up making a significant decline than before. This has made coin holders to lose interest in the coin and opted to sell the coin at a loss. SEE ALSO: Litecoin price today; Litecoin predictions 2018: Is there a potential for Litecoin price to reach Bitcoin price? - Sun Nov 04 Nevertheless, considering the factors that are presently at play, Litecoin could be heading for better days. Due to some underlying developments, the value of Litecoin (LTC) is expected to increase again anytime soon. Here are some factors that could..
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