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Swiss Crypto Industry Leader Says Next Crypto Wave Will Be Stablecoins,...

Board member Luzius Meisser says he believes the next wave of crypto innovation will focus on stablecoins and security tokens. Bitcoin Association Switzerland board member Luzius Meisser says he believes the next wave of crypto innovation will focus on stablecoins and security tokens. Meisser made his remarks during an interview with Cointelegraph’s correspondent during the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland on Jan. 16. Meisser is a computer scientist and economist who co-founded the Bitcoin Association Switzerland in 2013, as well as an active figure in the local crypto industry, serving as a member of the board of directors for crypto-focused asset management and brokerage firm Bitcoin Suisse AG, among other ventures. In regard to the medium-term future of crypto, Meisser said he expects the initial coin offering (ICOs) sector to undergo a significant change, noting that until now ICO investors have had negligible rights, as they have essentially been little more t..

Security Report Gives A or A- Rating to 16% of Major...

Independent security analysts at ICORating have given 16 percent of the world’s biggest crypto trading platforms an A rating, and none an A+. The latest Exchange Security Report from independent analysts at ICORating has given 16 percent of the world’s biggest crypto trading platforms an A rating, and none of them an A+. The analysis, published Dec. 18, ranked Kraken (A), Cobinhood (A) and Poloniex (A-) as the top three most secure exchanges globally. ICORating assessed 135 crypto trading platforms, all of whose daily trade value reportedly exceeds $100,000, on the basis of four security categories: user account security, registrar and domain security, web security and DoS attack protection. No exchanges sealed an A+ ratings, two exchanges (representing 1.5 percent) received a solid A rating, and 16 percent fell within A or A- category. 55 percent scored between B+ and B-, with the remaining rated C+, C or C-. The analysts’ four security categories were further subdivided into a range..

Genesis Partners With Blockchain Security Firm to Provide Direct Custody Operations

Blockchain security firm BitGo has partnered with Genesis Global Trading to enable direct trading on its custody service. Blockchain security firm BitGo has partnered with Bitcoin (BTC) over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform Genesis Global Trading. The partnership intends to allow clients to trade crypto directly from BitGo custody, according to a press release posted today, Jan. 16. Following the recent acquisition of a crypto custodian qualification, BitGo has endeavored to improve its custodial services by protecting clients’ funds through allowing them to trade digital assets without need for withdrawals from hard storage. The new feature enables clients of тче BitGo custody service to conduct buy and sell orders directly from the company’s cold storage with no need to manage keys or move their assets. The internal cold storage operations are provided with no additional fees, the announcement notes. Starting from now, BitGo custody clients will be able to execute internal settlem..

Chain-based Security Firm Claims It Has Enough Evidence To Find The...

A while ago, the Ethereum Classic network came under a 51% power consolidation attack. The attack on the network led exchanges into shutting down all ETC transactions to protect their funds. There was a lot of speculation regarding who was responsible for the attack. All the accused parties came forward to clear their name. However, there wasn’t enough evidence to pin the attack on anyone until now. SlowMist Claims It Can Find The Attacker A security firm based in China, SlowMist, has announced that it has enough evidence to find the person or group of people behind the attack on the Ethereum Classic network. The announcement was made in an article that was published on Wednesday and it was a summary of the company’s analysis. It noted that about four transaction hashes and three wallet addresses were launched during the attack on the network. Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today – ETC / USD Name Price24H (%)$3,627.03 -3.99%$4.40 -2.85% In line with what Coinbase had announced earlie..

Overstock’s Security Token Trading Platform to Give Investors Control Over Token-Holdings

Overstock’s tZERO has began allowing investors to choose where to put their security tokens. The security token exchange subsidiary of e-commerce retail giant Overstock, tZERO, has started releasing control of its tokens, according to a letter to investors released on Jan. 11. Last August, the subsidiary had announced that its security token offering would close, having raised $134 million out of the maximum amount of $250 million previously specified. In June 2018, tZERO had also signed a letter of with investment company GSR Capital for the purchase of $160 million in tZERO Security Tokens. According to tZERO CEO Saum Noursalehi’s letter, investors now have the option of choosing where to hold their security tokens, either by creating a brokerage account with Dinosaur Financial Group, a tZERO partner and broker dealer, or holding them in a person wallet with a two-step verification system. He wrote: “As you are aware, on October 12, 2018 we completed the issuance of the tZERO securi..

Crypto Security Company Ledger Releases Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet

Crypto hardware company Ledger has exhibited its new Bluetooth-enabled wallet in Las Vegas. Cryptocurrency hardware wallet firm Ledger has unveiled a new Bluetooth-based wallet today, Jan. 7, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph. The wallet, called the Ledger Nano X, was shown at the CES 2019 conference in Las Vegas. At the same time, the firm has announced mobile app set to go live on Jan. 16, allowing its users to manage their transactions and check their balances from a mobile device. The Ledger Nano X will have the capacity to store 100 crypto assets. At the end of November, Ledger Nano S had begun to support altcoin Monero (XMR). In October, major technology company Sony had announced that it had created a contactless crypto hardware wallet that utilized IC smart technology. While the product’s release date is not yet known, Sony noted that the device would be able to manage private keys for storing private information on the blockchain as well as managing crypt..

Iran Declares Telegram Crypto Aspirations an Act Against National Security

Iranian officials have declared any cooperation with Telegram to develop a cryptocurrency to be an act against national security. The Iranian government has taken further steps against Telegram’s cryptocurrency development, the Tehran Times reports Dec. 31. Secretary of the Criminal Content Definition Task Force Javad Javidnia has declared that any cooperation with the encrypted messaging app to launch its Gram token will be considered an act against national security and a disruption to the national economy. Javidnia stated: “One of the most important factors in banning Telegram was a sense of serious economic threat from its activities, which was unfortunately marginalized and neglected due to the fuss in the political atmosphere of the country.” Iran first banned the app in April when supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that government agencies would no longer use the app. The country’s judiciary subsequently forbade its use altogether. In December 2017, Iran temporarily blo..

2019 Stanford Blockchain Conference Spotlights Blockchain Security and ‘Risk’

Blockchain will come under the microscope for a third year next month as Stanford hosts its now annual conference event. Security and “systemic risk” will form the focus of the third Stanford Blockchain Conference at Stanford University on Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, organizers have revealed. Continuing the institution’s ever increasing interest in blockchain technology, the three-day event will see presentations and discussions on a variety of technical issues. Chaired by Stanford professors, among others, the event will see contributions from multiple cryptocurrency businesses, with input from names such as Blockstream, ConsenSys and Polychain Capital. Talks will come from representatives of industry businesses including Stellar-focused startup Interstellar and smart contracts platform Chainspace. The conference, which first ran in 2017, “will explore the use of formal methods, empirical analysis, and risk modeling to better understand security and systemic risk in blockchain protocols.” Orga..

TradeCloud to Launch Security Token Offering

Advertisement This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release. “TradeCloud Services Pte. Ltd. (TradeCloud) intends to raise up to US$20m in the first half of 2019, through a Security Token Offering carried out via a Swiss subsidiary. The STO will be one of the first of its kind in Switzerland and will be compliant with applicable financial market regulations. “Our Security Token Offering will provide investors with a unique opportunity to participate in the commodity trading industry, as we continue to digitalise the market”, said Simon Collins, CEO. Funds will be used to expand into the energy and agricultural sectors and to develop the TradeCloud Commodities Web..

Security Token Platform TokenSoft Invests in SEC-Regulated Broker-Dealer

Security token firm TokenSoft has acquired a share in an SEC-compliant broker-dealer in a bid to expand the range of its services. Security tokens platform TokenSoft Inc. has invested in a company that is purportedly a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-compliant broker-dealer, according to a press release published Dec. 13. TokenSoft is a platform that provides a suite of technology and security products for the sale, issuance, and management of security tokens and other digital assets. Security tokens often promise investment returns and value appreciation, in addition to allowing holders to purchase goods and services. The company in which TokenSoft invested is now renamed TokenSoft Global Markets, LLC, while TokenSoft is entitled to acquire 100 percent of TokenSoft Global Markets. After the acquisition, TokenSoft Global Markets will reportedly enhance the range of its services, including referrals to exchanges or brokers, custody solutions, or private placement..
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