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Major US Health IT Provider HMS Partners With Blockchain Startup Solve.Care

The new partnership between HMS and Solve.Care aims to reduce government healthcare costs and improve interoperability and accessibility. Major health information technology provider for the United States government, HMS Technologies Inc. (HMS) has partnered with blockchain startup Solve.Care. The development was announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on April 22. As part of the collaboration, HMS will reportedly integrate Solve.Care’s blockchain platform into their federal health information technology (HIT) initiatives in a bid to reduce government healthcare costs and improve interoperability and accessibility. Bill Kirkpatrick, CEO of HMS, said that the partnership will “enable disparate HIT applications to share secured health data via patient authorized access using unsecured Internet connectivity, improving care coordination while enhancing digital healthcare profiles and streamlining access to virtual healthcare services.” Last month, Solve.Care partnered with ..

Blockchain Smartphone Startup Sirin Labs Lays Off a Quarter of Its...

Blockchain smartphone startup Sirin Labs laid off a quarter of its workforce. Blockchain smartphone startup Sirin Labs laid off a quarter of its workforce, Israeli business media Globes reported on April 15. Per the report, the startup admitted to having laid off 15 of its 60 employees and having overestimated the sales of their Finney blockchain smartphone. A spokesperson for the company reportedly said that it will now focus on software development and distribution. Sirin Labs also purportedly denied previous reports that the company had failed to pay wages to its employees. The report also notes that the founder of the company, Moshe Hogeg, chairperson of venture capital fund Singulariteam, has recently found himself in the midst of a controversy. According to the article, a lawsuit of at least $50 million has been filed in California against him and other two Singulariteam members by Canadian Internet entrepreneur Adam Perzow. Perzow reportedly sold the Invest.com domain to Singul..

Crypto, Blockchain Startup Investments Will Reach New Heights in 2019, New...

The $850 million clinched this year so far puts the industry on course to beat its 2018 levels. Venture capital investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups will likely set a new all-time high in 2019, Reuters reported on April 17, quoting figures from market data provider PitchBook. Following on from the $2.4 billion in funding the industry received from backers last year, the $850 million raised this year already looks set to beat all previous records. At the same time, while continuing to avoid direct involvement with cryptocurrency handling, investors appear to be contributing larger sums per deal. 2018’s total came from 117 investments, whereas this year’s tally stems from just 13, Reuters reports. While Reuters did not confirm which specific deals PitchBook counted in its listings, the cashflow pouring into crypto businesses is becoming ever more conspicuous. As Cointelegraph reported, this week alone saw a giant $200 million deal between a Japanese investment fund and t..

Report: Blockchain Startup ConsenSys Seeks $200 Million From Outside Investors

New York-based blockchain company ConsenSys is reportedly seeking investors to raise $200 million. New York-based blockchain company ConsenSys is reportedly seeking investors to raise $200 million, technology media outlet The Information reported on April 15. According to sources familiar with the matter, ConsenSys is trying to attract outside investors to raise $200 million. The company’s executives reportedly talked to investors in Hong Kong and South Korea, however as of early April ConsenSys had purportedly not yet found a lead investor. The Information cited fundraising documents, revealing that ConsenSys closed 2018 with just $21 million in revenue coming mostly from its enterprise consulting business. Per the documents, ConsenSys is planning its revenue to be more than $50 million in 2019, with around $40 million coming from its services business. The documents reportedly reveal that ConsenSys has a considerable share in blockchain companies that it has incubated. ConsenSys has..

London-Based Blockchain Startup Raises $3.9M with Equity Tokens on LSE’s Turquoise

A British blockchain startup secured 3 million pounds by selling tokenized shares on LSE’s equity trading platform Turquoise. United Kingdom-based blockchain startup 2030.io has raised $3.9 million through a platform owned by the London Stock Exchange (LSE), fintech news Finextra reported on April 15. Known as Twenty Thirty or 20|30, the startup has reportedly secured 3 million British pounds (GBP) by selling tokenized shares on LSE-owned equity trading platform Turquoise. In July 2018, 20|30 became one of 29 firms that were approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to start testing within its fourth cohort of a regulatory sandbox. With FCA approval, 20|30 became authorized to issue equity tokens on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, with the firm announcing that LSE’s Turquoise will be the first platform to pilot the sales of its tokenized shares. According to the recent report, the trial has been carried out successfully, using “real cash money.” Tomer Sofinzon, Twenty Thirty..

US Startup Raises $14.1 Mln for Blockchain-Based Payments Network for Retailers

American blockchain startup Flexa raised $14.1 million in funding to release a blockchain-powered payment network for retailers. New York-based blockchain startup Flexa has raised $14.1 million to develop a payments network for retailers. The development was announced in a press release published on April 11. Per the release, Flexa has raised $14.1 million in funding from such participants as early stage token fund 1kx, investment firms Access Ventures and Nima Capital, and hedge fund Pantera Capital, which recently revealed that it was close to completing funding for its third venture fund, already raising $160 million. The company intends to create a payment network for retailers that would reduce costs, overhead, and fraudulence by means of blockchain-based settlements. Flexa is also planning to release a mobile application through which customers could conduct operations with cryptocurrencies they already own. Tyler Spalding, Co-Founder and CEO of Flexa, said that "the anti-fraud ..

US Startup Raises $3.5 from Pantera, Others to Launch Decentralized Exchange...

Crypto startup Sparkswap completed a $3.5 million seed round to launch a fast and secure decentralized exchange. The United States-based startup Sparkswap has completed a successful seed funding round to create a decentralized exchange based on the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network. A blog post revealed the development on Monday, April 8. According to Sparkswap’s founder Trey Griffith, the company raised $3.5 million from investors including Initialized Capital, Pantera Capital, Foundation Capital and Y Combinator. The startup intends to create a decentralized exchange that will be protected from hacks, while still processing transactions on blockchain. Sparkswap started testing its mainnet on Jan. 2, 2019, which is driven by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Its core technology, Atomic Swap, allows users to trade across blockchains and settle the transactions instantly. Following the seed round, the company is going to open trading to the public. In the beta stage, the transactions will be ..

Blockchain and DEX Startup Radar Releases New Lightning Network Developer Tools

Radar, the startup behind decentralized exchange Radar Relay, announced that it will release new Lightning Network developer tools. Radar, the startup behind decentralized exchange Radar Relay that raised $10 million last year, announced that it will release new Lightning Network developer tools. The statement was made in a Medium post published on April 5. The developer tools, which will be released at the Lightning Network hackathon sponsored by the company, Boltathon, include a node configuration helper, a tool for opening channels and requesting channels, an invoice sandbox for test and an invoice decoder. The tools will be accompanied by setup tutorials, software recommendations and configuration guides for connecting through anonymity network Tor and accessing unreleased features. The tools and educational material above are part of the company’s Radar ION initiative, which aims to bring new users to the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a cryptocurrency scalability so..

Blockchain Mortgage Tech Startup Acre Software Raises $6.5 Mln From UK...

UK startup Acre Software raised about $6.5 million to apply blockchain technology to the mortgage and insurance application process for advisers. United Kingdom startup Acre Software raised about $6.5 million to apply blockchain technology to the mortgage and insurance application process for advisers, a press release published on April 4 states. Per the release, nearly three-quarters of UK mortgages are facilitated by advisers, and the company aims to help them retain their position by matching the speed of an end-user service. Acre reportedly uses blockchain to store all the data about mortgage advice immutably. The investment reportedly comes from UK financial adviser Sesame Bankhall Group (SBG), which, according to the release, has more than 11,000 advisers in the country. Owler estimates the annual revenue of the advisory firm to be around $4.5 million. Moreover, the release also claims that SBG closed an exclusive deal with the startup, the details of which were not disclosed. A..

Princeton Expertise-Backed Startup Raises $3.7 Mln to Develop Smart Contract Scalability

Offchain Labs has raised $3.7 to disrupt major problems in blockchain such as privacy and scalability. Offchain Labs, a blockchain startup co-founded by a professor at Princeton University, has raised $3.7 million in a seed round led by crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital, TechCrunch reports on April 3. The new funding round was also supported by Compound VC, Raphael Ouzan of Blocknation, Jake Seid, managing director at Stone Bridge Ventures and others. With the investment, Offchain aims to solve major problems associated with enterprise blockchain implementations by bringing more scalability and privacy. By deploying its own protocol, Arbitrum, Offchain developers intend to bring make smart contracts more scalable. Offchain co-founder Ed Felten said that the firm is working on a platform that allows for the scaling of smart contracts in a way that is currently hard to do. Felten, who is both a computer science professor at Princeton and a former deputy CTO to the White House under form..
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