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West Virginia Secretary of State Reports Successful Blockchain Voting in 2018...

The West Virginia Secretary of State has announced that 144 voters successfully cast their ballots in the 2016 midterm elections on a mobile, blockchain-based platform. The Secretary of State of the U.S. state of West Virginia Mac Warner reported a successful first instance of remote blockchain voting in an official announcement Nov. 15. Warner stated that in the 2018 midterm elections, 144 military personnel stationed overseas from 24 counties were able to cast their ballots on a mobile, blockchain-based platform called Voatz, adding: “This is a first-in-the-nation project that allowed uniformed services members and overseas citizens to use a mobile application to cast a ballot secured by blockchain technology.” Voting for the general elections on the platform started in September, when absentee balloting opened in West Virginia. The first trial of the new platform took place during the state’s primary elections in April. Blockchain-based ballots were then restricted to a select grou..

State of Regulation in South Korea: Banks Required to Provide Fair...

Banks are now required to provide fair services to crypto exchanges in South Korea by the court. On October 30, South Korea’s main financial authority officially cleared banks to work with crypto exchanges for the first time in history, establishing a major milestone for the local cryptocurrency sector. At the state affairs audit, held by both government parties of South Korea to evaluate and track the progress of every government branch and agency under the administration of President Moon Jae-in, Financial Services Commission (FSC) commissioner, Choi Jong-ku, stated that the FSC has cleared banks to work with cryptocurrency exchanges by providing virtual bank accounts. On the digital asset trading platforms of South Korea, every bank account holder is provided with a virtual bank account by the account issuer, in this case a local bank, to provide an instantaneous and efficient system to withdraw and deposit funds. Cryptocurrency investors in South Korea are not required to wait one..

Ripple Makes Smart Move Regarding Securities Lawsuit In State Court 

A pending securities lawsuit regarding the regulatory status of the XRP token was requested to be removed last week by Ripple Labs legal team. The legal representatives of Ripple said that the class action suit against them was filed by a group of investors that have no geographical limitations. Therefore, the matter should not be addressed by a state court. XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD Name Price24H (%)$0.458824 -0.22% Flom litigation partner Peter Morrison, Skadden, Slate, Arps, and Meagher argued that the amount of the suit exceeded $5 million and was filed in agreement of over 100 people giving Ripple Labs the power to take the lawsuit to a federal court. The argument was as follows: “A putative class action can be removed from a state court to a federal district court if the following requirements are met: (1) the action is a class action lawsuit on behalf of one hundred members or more, (2) the plaintiff is not a citizen of the same state of the defendant. (3) the amount ..

State Duma Chairman: Russian Stablecoin Would Be Equivalent to Fiat Ruble...

The chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee on Financial Markets has said that a state-backed stablecoin would be a complete equivalent to the Russian fiat ruble. The chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee on Financial Markets has said that a state-backed stablecoin would be a complete equivalent to the Russian fiat ruble in a digital space, state-operated Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported Nov. 7. Chairman Anatoly Aksakov said that the “crypto ruble,” which may appear after the adoption of laws regulating the cryptocurrency industry in Russia, would be “the same ruble, just in encrypted form.” The State Duma chairman explained that it would be possible to change the Russian stablecoin for the equivalent in fiat money: "For example, you bring 100 thousand rubles to a bank and get 100 thousand crypto rubles, one to one for fiat money. You use these funds to buy goods fixed in the blockchain.” Aksakov also underlined that the crypto ruble — “the ruble in blockchain” — would r..

Russian State Duma Committee Considers Launch of Central Bank-Issued Stablecoin

The chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee on Financial Markets is considering the launch of a state-backed stablecoin pegged to the ruble. The chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee on Financial Markets has claimed that the entity is considering the launch of state-backed cryptocurrency pegged to the Russian ruble, Russian radio news station Govorit Moskva reported Friday, Nov. 2. Speaking at a press conference on the increase of the household debt load, Chairman Anatoly Aksakov expressed his confidence that the government will back a cryptocurrency, “but it will be a ruble-pegged cryptocurrency.” The deputy clarified that the implied coin will represent a blockchain-powered stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the ruble. Aksakov further described the model of creating the stablecoin, stating that the cryptocurrency will be backed by a banking deposit of a certain amount. After that, a banking institution is set to issue a corresponding amount of crypto assets by using blockchain technolog..

Ukraine: Economic Development and Trade Ministry Launches State Policy to Legalize...

The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine has initiated a “state policy” for the classification and legalization of crypto-related activities. The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine has initiated a “state policy” for the classification and legalization of crypto-related activities, Ukrainian state information and news agency Ukrinform reported Oct. 26. The Ministry has reportedly issued an official press release stating that its purpose is to “create understandable conditions for conducting activities in the field of virtual assets and virtual currencies," and to usher in “adoption of the concept of a state policy” for crypto. To this end, it has proposed establishing legal definitions for key terms, including “virtual currency” (“cryptocurrency,”) “virtual assets,” Initial Coin (or Token) Offerings (ICOs or ITOs), cryptocurrency mining, “smart contracts,” and “tokens.” Ukrinform reports the concept is expected to be implemented in two stages, and will be ..

Chinese Edition of Book ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ Appears on State TV With...

China’s state-run TV channel has aired an advertisement for a Chinese translation of the classic book “Mastering Bitcoin” that removes Bitcoin from its title. The notably edited title of Andreas Antonopoulos’ classic book “Mastering Bitcoin” was aired in an ad for the book on China’s state-run TV channel China Central Television (CCTV) Oct. 19. A renowned primer on the foundations of the crypto revolution, “Mastering Bitcoin” was first published in 2015, and re-released in a 2nd edition in 2017. In the Mandarin translation, the title has been altered to exclude any reference to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), and reads approximately "Blockchain: the Road to the Digitization of Assets." However, in a curious twist, the original English title remains visible on the cover alongside its edited Mandarin version. However, both Cointelegraph’s Chinese sources and local media have stated that the contents of the book, including the first page with its opening chapter title, “What is Bitcoin..

Coinbase Gets Approval to Offer Crypto Custody Services in the State...

Crypto exchange Coinbase has received approval for its application to roll out crypto custody services in the state of New York. New York state regulators have approved Coinbase Custody Trust Company LLC to roll out their cryptocurrency custody services in the state, according to an official announcement published Oct. 23. The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) has authorized Coinbase’s wholly-owned subsidiary Coinbase Custody Trust Company LLC to provide a limited range of custody services for virtual currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC). Commenting on the approval, Asiff Hirji, President and COO of Coinbase, stated that “since 2014, the New York Department of Financial Services has proven itself to be a strong advocate in its support for the responsible growth of the cryptocurrency industry.” Hirji further added: “The New York State Limited Purpose Trust charter, which now ..

Australian State of New South Wales Mandates Land Registry Shift to...

The government of the Australian state of New South Wales is set to complete a proof-of-concept for a blockchain land registry system by summer 2019. The government of the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) is set to complete a proof-of-concept (PoC) for a blockchain-based land registry system by summer 2019, ZDNet reported October 15. The new PoC is expected to be completed by the NSW Land Registry Services – together with Stockholm-based blockchain startup ChromaWay – by early 2019. The NSW state government is said to have given its official mandate for the Registry to shift to the new blockchain-based eConveyancing system by July. The NSW Land Registry Services maintains the system that defines the legal ownership of both public and private land across the state, according to the report. As of the start of the new financial year, according to ZDNet, all NSW property transactions will be required, under the government’s directive, to be stored digitally, eliminating the need ..

Russian State Nuclear Corporation to Develop Blockchain for ‘Increased Efficiency’

The IT department of state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom is committed to developing blockchain, AI and IoT to increase its productivity. Russian state nuclear energy corporation (Rosatom) will develop "advanced" digital technologies, such as blockchain, according to Rosatom IT department head Evgeniy Abakumov, cited by corporate outlet Strana Rosatom Monday, October 1. As per Abakumov, Rosatom intends to focus on three areas of new technologies, namely blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). "We are committed to integrating 4.0 technologies on a wider scale. IoT, AI, blockchain and others are to increase the efficiency of manufacturing process," Rosatom’s IT department head said. Abakumov also stated that Rosatom is looking to bring on new talent in the three aforementioned areas. As Cointelegraph has reported, Russian official institutions are widely interested in crypto-related technologies. For instance, the Russian state pension fund – the countr..
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