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Bitcoin SV Successfully Performed a Hard Fork Amid Timing Confusion

Bitcoin SV successfully performed a hard fork today, amid confusion over the scheduled fork time. Bitcoin SV (BSV) successfully increased its block size limit today amid confusion regarding the scheduled fork time. According to a BitMEX Research tweet on July 24, Bitcoin SV was expected to fork at 2 p.m. UTC today, but the website of the BSV-promoting Bitcoin Association claimed that the upgrade was scheduled for 1 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. UTC). The reason why the exchange’s research arm expected the fork to happen on 2 p.m. UTC is that the code of the network upgrade itself defined the fork time to be at that time. Furthermore, BitMEX closely followed the fork implementation and publicly broadcast the status of two nodes, only one of them updated, on its website ForkMonitor. Sixteen blocks after 2 p.m. UTC, Bitcoin SV mined a block bigger than the previously set limit of 128 megabytes. The block, at 145.7 megabytes, confirmed the successful fork as the node which has not been updated fell ..

Four Banks Successfully Test New Blockchain Platform for Processing Promissory Note...

Following a successful pilot transaction on the new blockchain platform finledger, there are plans to roll out the tech to the entire industry. A group of four banks have successfully issued a promissory note — a type of legally binding loan agreement — through a new blockchain platform, a news release on May 21 announced. The financial institutions used finledger to complete the transaction. According to Helaba, one of the banks involved, the platform reduces the steps involved with issuing such a note by more than 50%. As well as eliminating the need for lenders to hold documents or for borrowers to send valuables, the banks claimed the technology helps cut the risks and costs associated with the process. DekaBank, dwpbank, DZ Bank and Helaba were involved in the pilot transaction, and there are now plans to roll out finledger to the entire industry. Peter Tenbohlen, the head of operations at DZ Bank, added: “As digitization has progressed, our customers' demand for digital ser..

Fee Has Successfully Stabilized DAI, MakerDAO President Says

MakerDAO leadership declares their DAI stable thanks to stability fee. DAI stablecoin, which is pegged to the United States dollar, is now in a relatively stable position, according to the president and COO of MakerDAO, Steven Becker, in an Q&A session on May 2. The transcript of the meeting, which focused on demand and supply imbalance, appeared on Reddit. Becker discussed the efficacy of the stability fee alongside MakerDAO’s head of community development Richard Brown and Vishesh Choudhry of the company's Foundation Risk Team. According to Becker, DAI is now stable thanks to the community’s implementation of the stability fee. “Consider the peg is stable. However it is stable at a discount,” he added. Becker reasoned that the fluctuations of the stablecoin’s rate are not necessarily the result of a supply/demand imbalance. He speculated that this phenomenon might be a reflection of the industry’s current regime. Last week’s community vote was between a 2% and 3% increase, with..

Litecoin Will Target $110 – $120 After Resistance At $95 Is...

Litecoin price prediction 2019 has been mainly influenced by the recent developments on the Litecoin network and the upcoming Litecoin halving that is scheduled to take place soon. Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that people forgot about during the cryptocurrency winter when the price of Litecoin fell as low as $20. Since then, however, the price of Litecoin has been increasing steadily against the USD. The silver to Bitcoin’s gold has shown that it is here to stay and that it has a strong community backing it. It has risen by more than 200% since December. Right now, it is recovering from the recent bear pressure that took the prices of all the cryptocurrencies lower against the USD. On several occasions, the $100 level has acted as resistance against upward movements. According to the Litecoin price analysis on Bitcoin Exchange Guide, there is a new resistance at $95 and crossing this resistance will pave a way for more gains against the USD. Litecoin News Today – Litecoin P..

Hypnoxys Decentralized Messaging Application Successfully Reaches Hard-Cap with Incentivised Dapp

Bitcoin Press Release: The Hypnoxys team proudly reveals a successfully funded crypto-incentivised messaging application and protocol. February 25, 2019, Denmark– Hypnoxys (HYPX) is a project with the dream of decentralizing the ‘chatting industry’ and as such, has developed a multi-functional messenger app and protocol that delivers all the staples of instant messaging such as group chats, audio, and video calls etc., whilst also offering a native token that can be earned through using the application. Time for ChangeInstant messengers come in all shapes and sizes, though they typically offer simplistic over-used features that are lacking in innovation and are simply advertising revenue streams for their stakeholders. Furthermore, centralized systems have been taking advantage of user data and conversations for quite some time, and that needs to change. With HYPX, it will change. By tapping into blockchain technology, users can rest easy knowing that their conversations aren’t visible..

2018 Bytom Global DevCon was Successfully Held, the US Team Won...

Advertisement This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release. November 19, 2018 – Bytom Global Devcon 2018 was successfully held at Hangzhou International Expo Center (G20 venue). About 300 audiences attended this developer conference. More than 50 heavyweight speakers including founder of 8btc and Bytom Chang Jia, Bytom co-founder Duan Xinxing, former chief engineer of Shanghai stock exchange Bai Shuo, as well as hundreds of well-known blockchain projects have presented at the conference. Hosted by Bytom, a decentralized network for multi-assets registration and flow with the aim of bridging the byte world and atomic world, the Bytom Global Dev Competition has dra..

Singapore Exchange Successfully Trials Blockchain for Tokenized Assets Settlement

The Singapore Exchange has finished a joint blockchain trial with the local monetary authority, Nasdaq, and Deloitte. Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX), along with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), have successfully tested the use of blockchain technology for tokenized assets settlement, according to a SGX release issued Sunday, Nov. 11. The report reveals the data on the trial that began in August, shortly after MAS and SGX had partnered with U.S. stock market Nasdaq, “big four” consulting company Deloitte, and Singaporean tech company Anquan. As per the release, the partners have developed a blockchain-driven solution for Delivery versus Payment (DvP) capabilities — a settlement procedure where the buyer's payment for securities is due at the time of delivery. The trial has shown that financial institutions and corporate investors are able to carry out the exchange and final settlement of tokenized assets on different blockchain platforms simultaneously. SGX believes th..

Mars Blockchain Summit NYC 2018 Successfully Held, Summit Dialogues Explored What’s...

Advertisement This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release. Mars Blockchain Summit NYC 2018 was successfully held in New York on October 18, Eastern Standard Time. This unrivaled event was hosted by Mars Finance and co-hosted by Consensus Lab, Liaoyuan, Crypto Capital, Sharp Eye Capital, EUB Chain, and DFG. Joint by well-known financial institutions and industry leaders from both China and Wall Street, guests engaged in deep dialogues to explore what’s next in blockchain. Fred Wang, the Founder of Mars Finance: three trending directions in blockchain look promising. To summarize Mars Finance’s future direction, Wang says, “there are three industry buzzwords tha.. Successfully Defends Against Breach of Cold Storage Wallet and Protects...

Advertisement This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Blockchain technology is big news these days. With so many new startups and platforms developing products and services they claim will change the world, and millions of dollars of development funds thrown into the mix, unsurprisingly, some operations will fall victim to a cyber attack of one kind or another. A cast-iron, 100% guarantee of total protection is likely far off in the distant future, however it pays to be as prepared as possible, with the strongest defenses possible in place to ward off an attack. A recent incident involving surely demonstrates this. What is is a customizable, blockchain-based, next-generation financial platform that claims to offer users the pinnacle in security and transparency. boasts decades of expertise in such fields as investmen..

German Central Bank and Deutsche Boerse Successfully Complete Blockchain Settlement Trial

The Central Bank of Germany and securities marketplace organizer Deutsche Boerse have completed a successful blockchain settlement trial. The central bank of Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank, and securities marketplace organizer Deutsche Boerse (DB) have successfully completed the trial of a blockchain solution in the settlements area, DB’s report reveals Thursday, Oct. 25. According to the report, the trial of blockchain based settlement technology research, or Blockbaster, started in 2016. The main point of the joint research was to conduct on blockchain the full lifecycle of bond issuance, settlement, corporate actions, and redemption, as well as cash transfer including the provisioning of digital coins, transfer between market participants, and settlement of cash payments, the summary states. The transaction volume and speed of a production system were tested on the Hyperledger Fabric framework and Digital Asset, a distributed ledger (DLT) solution for the financial sector. The author..
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