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Player-Owned Casino Distributes Over $4 million to Token Holders

The decentralized app (Dapp) market continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with the past year seeing no let-up in new Dapp use case scenarios. Since this time last year, Dapps have now made up over 1 billion transactions totaling over $10 billion in volume. And the majority of this is thanks to gaming and gambling Dapps, which still are popular with users, raking in the lion’s share of revenue in the Dapp market. And now, Curacao-based EarnBet — the original Dapp casino formerly branded as EOSBet — celebrates 19 months of successful operations, providing the provably fair gaming experience that crypto gamers have come to love via a decentralized platform that rewards all players generously for their interaction. Setting Records Every Day With a house edge that is the envy of the industry, boasts over 27 million bets since 2018 and has paid out over $377 million to winners. Of this, BET holders have received over $4 million in instant dividends directly to their wallets. ..

Privacy Coin Zcash Community to Develop Wrapped Token for Ethereum

Privacy-focused coin Zcash is showing interest in accessing Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem. The privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) is seeking access to Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Zcash’s shielded addresses on the Ethereum networkOn Oct. 13, Coindesk reported that the topic of interoperability was the theme of the now concluded Devcon 5 developer conference in Osaka, Japan, where a number of smaller cryptocurrency projects displayed interest in accessing Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem. Summa co-founder, James Prestwich, told the news outlet: “Connecting to other chains doesn’t seem to be an Ethereum developer’s priority, but other chains seem to want to connect to Ethereum.” Developers all over the world have been working on interoperability solutions to enable different networks to interact more efficiently in an attempt to eradicate existing issues in regard to scalability and speed. In that regard, Josh Swihart, VP of marketing and business de..

TZero-Backed Startup Wants to Launch Security Token Market

Boston Security Token Exchange, a platform jointly owned by BOX Digital Markets and tZERO, seeks the U.S. SEC’s approval to launch a market for security tokens. Boston Security Token Exchange (BSTX), a platform jointly owned by BOX Digital Markets and Overstock’s blockchain arm tZERO, has filed an application with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve the launch of a market for publicly traded registered security tokens. In the rule change proposal released by the SEC on Oct. 11, BOX asks the commission to “adopt rules to govern the trading of equity securities on the Exchange” which “would operate a fully automated, price/time priority execution system for the trading of ‘security tokens.’” Establishing its own listing standardsThe firm also hints at having its own listing standards by specifying that only tokens meeting them would be listed on the platform. The 129 pages long document explains in detail how the rules under which the exchange operates ..

FC Bayern Munich Announces Digital Token to Boost Fan Engagement

FC Bayern Munich to launch digital collectibles of its players using blockchain technology. Germany’s FC Bayern Munich has become the latest football club to announce blockchain-based merchandise for fans. As reported Oct. 11, the club will partner with Stryking Entertainment to produce digital collectibles of its players. Play FC Bayern Munich past vs. presentThe collectibles will take the form of digital player cards with the likenesses of FC Bayern Munich players, past and present. Stryking is also creating a fantasy-league style challenge for the cards, offering a gameplay aspect to the collectibles. Fans can build virtual squads and play each other with outcomes derived based on current form and historical data. More clubs are expected to join Stryking as licensing partners for the system. Just the latest football/blockchain link-upThere seems to have been quite a trend for European football clubs to sell tokenized collectibles of late. Just last month, Spanish club Atletico Mad..

Thailand’s First Regulated ICO Portal Targets $98M Token Offering

SE Digital, a subsidiary of major financial services firm Seamico Securities, has been confirmed as the first ICO portal operator to be approved by the Thai SEC. SE Digital, a subsidiary of major financial services firm Seamico Securities, has been confirmed as the first initial coin offering (ICO) portal operator to be approved by Thailand’s securities regulator. According to an Oct. 11 report from The Bangkok Post, SE Digital plans to launch Thailand’s first investment token, with a target transaction size of 2-3 billion baht or roughly $65,800,000-$98,700,000. Moreover, Seamico Securities’ strategic investor, Elevated Returns, has reportedly applied to the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a Digital Assets Exchange License to launch a new trading venue that would provide a secondary market for such tokens by 2020. A new chapter in Thailand’s capital market historySE Digital plans to provide an extensive set of services for ICOs, including strategic advisory, primary..

Perth Mint, InfiGold Launch Gold-Backed Token on Public Blockchain

Australia’s largest precious metal refinery, the Perth Mint, and InfiGold, a fintech startup that digitizes precious metals, have jointly launched a gold-backed digital token. Australia’s largest precious metal refinery, the Perth Mint, and InfiGold, a fintech startup focused on precious metals digitization, have jointly launched a gold-backed digital token. The new ERC-20 token is dubbed Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) and pegged 1:1 with GoldPass certificates issued by the Perth Mint, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Oct. 11. GoldPass lets investors purchase, sell and transfer physical gold through digital certificates, where each certificate is 100% backed by Perth Mint gold stored in its network of central bank grade vaults. The “first” government-backed digital gold token on a public ledgerThe release claims PMGT to be the first digital gold token on a public blockchain backed by government-guaranteed gold, explaining: “The real-time liquidity of PMGT is pro..

Japan Security Token Offering Association: The Way of Self-Regulation

The Japan Security Token Offering Association comes at a time when the industry is looking for clarity, self-regulating is the next step. Security token offerings, or STOs, have more or less taken the mantle from their semi-defunct counterpart, the initial coin offering (ICO). Still, the extreme rise and subsequent fall of the ICO has left quite an impression on the cryptocurrency industry. At its peak prevalence in 2017, this novel fundraising prototype accumulated a total of $6.2 billion — but it wasn’t set to last. Come December of the same year, ICOs had become a shadow of their former selves, plummeting in demand. So far, a mere $366 million has been raised via ICOs in 2019, a retrace of 94% from their high some two years prior. This is perhaps a direct effect of the laissez-faire nature of ICOs. In 2018, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seemed to have decided that enough was enough, filing multiple injunctions against what it deemed to be “unregistered..

Coinbase Custody to Support Telegram’s GRM Token at Launch

Coinbase announces that it will provide custodial support for the forthcoming cryptocurrency from the popular encrypted messaging service Telegram. Major United States-based crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has announced that it will provide custodial support for the forthcoming cryptocurrency from the popular encrypted messaging service Telegram. In an official blog post published on Oct. 10, the exchange revealed that Coinbase Custody — its digital assets custodian solution for institutional investors — will launch support for the Telegram Open Network’s (TON) native token Gram (GRM) when it goes live. Insured offline storage at network’s launchCoinbase’s announcement reveals that it will support the secure storage of three forthcoming tokens in total — GRM, Sola (SOL) and OXT (OXT) — at each network’s respective launch. Custodial support will provide GRM token holders with offline storage and insurance coverage, according to the announcement. As the exchange reiterates,..

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s Reward Token System Backed by Microsoft, Intel

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance created a new system of reward tokens that receives the backing of software giant Microsoft and Intel. Microsoft and Intel are backing a new system of reward tokens created by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). EEA creates new reward token systemThe EEA, which sets standards for Ethereum-based blockchain applications in business, shared the developments in a statement with Cointelegraph on Oct. 7. The organization said that it has created a new system of reward tokens that receives the support of software giant Microsoft and Intel. The EEA is a blockchain consortium with over 450 enterprise business members such as Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Santander, Accenture, ING, Intel and Cisco. Its newly created token aims to incentivize and reward companies who are actively participating in a consortium. Intel’s blockchain program manager Michael Reed told Coindesk that there are three types of tokens: a reward token, a reputation token and a penalty toke..

Sacramento Kings Launches Blockchain Token for Its Predictive Gaming App

The Sacramento Kings pro basketball team is launching a blockchain-based rewards program within its mobile gaming app. The Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team is launching a blockchain-powered rewards program within its gaming app. Partnership with BlockpartyThe Sacramento Kings partnered with New Jersey-based blockchain ticketing platform Blockparty to add blockchain-based rewards to its prediction game Call the Shot, the team officially announced on Oct. 7. According to the announcement, the new program will be available in the upcoming 2019–2020 season. During the season, Blockparty will be tracking Kings fans’ activity while they are betting on Call the Shot and accumulate points in a virtual wallet within each fan’s Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center app, the Kings said. The new token will have no monetary valueWhile enrollment in the rewards program is free, the rewards can be redeemed for prizes and unique events such as signed merchandise and courtside tickets. The Kings note..
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