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Reddit Users Claim That QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Withdrawals Came From Other Exchanges

Reddit users analyzed past Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals from the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange. Reddit users analyzed past Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals from the now-defunct QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange in a post published on April 10, finding that some came from other exchanges. The Reddit users claim that of the withdrawal transactions that they analyzed, one came from a HitBTC hot wallet and the other one from a Bittrex hot wallet. The users write that before they realized that the addresses are owned by exchanges, they found that some of the addresses appear on multiple High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), amatorial ransomware research and a post concerning lost funds by another Reddit user. Further examination suggests that this means that people sent funds from exchanges to HYIP Ponzi schemes, and that hackers attempted to cash in money earned with ransomware through those exchanges. Quadriga has previously filed for creditor protection following the death of its founder i..

Popular Mainstream Freelancing Platform Moves over 700,000 users to EOS Blockchain...

EOS and cryptocurrency adoption, in general, got a massive boost today as freelancing platform Moonlighting move over 700,000 accounts to the EOS blockchain. According to a report on cryptocurrency news outlet Coindesk, the freelancing website adopted blockchain after receiving investment from Block.one, the company behind EOS blockchain. EOS Parent Company Block.one Invests in Freelancers Website Founded in 2014, Moonlighting is a platform for freelance professionals. The website allows freelancers to connect with clients and perform tasks. Per Coindesk, the company recently concluded a $5 million investment round in which it received financial backing from Blockc.one. Block.one invested in the company through a joint venture partnership with German-based FinLab AG. The joint venture FinLab EOS VC fund led the $5 million investment round that will be used to grow Moonlighting’s user base. Moonlighting Will Move Freelance Platform to EOS As part of the investment purposes, Moonlighti..

Monero Developers Confirm Fix of Bug That Lost Balances for Ledger...

The issue, which affected only a handful of users, now has a dedicated patch, while balances have been returned. Monero (XMR) developers have fixed a bug involving cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger that made user funds look like they had disappeared, they confirmed on social media on April 8. Reported in early March, the bug, which Ledger originally thought to be a synchronization problem, first came to light when a user’s balance failed to react to an incoming transaction. The problem only affected those using Ledger Nano S devices to access their XMR wallet. As of this week, the issue has officially been resolved through the issuance of a patch from Monero developers luigi1111 and stoffu. The amount thought to be lost in the initial red flag transaction totalled 1,680 XMR (around $115,00), leading to concerns of a major flaw. In the end, Monero says, the number of wallets involved was minimal. “A few weeks ago some Ledger Monero users got affected by a bug in the Ledger Monero c..

Electrum Faces Another Fake Wallet Attack, Users Reported to Lose Millions...

Bitcoin wallet Electrum faces another hack that involves fake software versions stealing users’ money. Bitcoin (BTC) wallet service Electrum is facing an ongoing Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack on its servers, the company reported on Twitter on April 7. According to tech news website The Next Web, the new attack has caused users to lose estimatedly millions of dollars to date, with a single person alone reportedly losing about $140,000. The ongoing DoS attack was allegedly launched by a malicious botnet of more than 140,000 machines, and aims to steal users’ Bitcoin by referring them to fake versions of Electrum software. Citing an unnamed security researcher, the article says that the recent DoS attack is deployed on a new level and was launched about a week ago. According to The Next Web, the attackers have even implemented their own Electrum servers hosting compromised Electrum versions in order to realize the hack. After users sync their vulnerable Electrum wallet with a malicious ..

BitMEX to Compensate Users Affected by Unforeseen Auto-Deleveraging After Bitcoin Bullrun

The platform says it will take an individual approach to resolving the issue, which involved funds worth an estimated $500 million. Cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX will refund users who lost money during this week’s Bitcoin (BTC) bull run after technical problems affected its contracts, the company confirmed in a press release updated April 3. BitMEX, which offers various leveraged trading products for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, had automatically closed some clients’ positions as the Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) price rose via a process known as auto deleveraging. The number of positions affected was minimal, the company claimed, while online commentators noted the amount of money involved already circled $500 million for Bitcoin as of April 2. As Cointelegraph reported, Bitcoin unexpectedly surged in trading earlier in the week, gaining almost $1,000 in one day alone before peaking at $5,330. The sudden upswing caught BitMEX by surprise, with a dedicated insurance fund ..

BAT Surges By 10.89% Against The USD As Users Can Get...

It’s not unusual for startups to give users incentives to visit their applications and spend time on it. Recently, Brave browser launched a program that allows users who download Brave Browser to earn money by viewing ads. This move generated a lot of attention that led people to download Brave Browser and buy the projects Basic Attention Token – (BAT). The CEO of Brave Browser, Brendan Eich, making a comment on Hacker News, said that users who download Brave Browser and participate in the advertisement incentive program will be able to earn up to $70 this year. Download Brave Browser, View Ads And Earn Up To $70 This Year Even if Brave Browser is a relatively new Ethereum browser, it is primed to accommodate all the Mist browser clients. Mist Wallet is another Ethereum wallet and browser that recently announced that it would be shutting down operations due to technical and financial challenges. In that announcement, smartereum.com made a brief Brave browser review. Bitcoin (BTC) Pri..

Android Malware Targets Users of 32 Crypto Apps, Including Coinbase, BitPay

A new strain of Trojan malware for Android phones is targeting global users of top crypto apps such as Coinbase, BitPay and Bitcoin Wallet. A new strain of Trojan malware for Android phones is targeting global users of top crypto apps such as Coinbase, BitPay and Bitcoin Wallet, as well as banks including JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. The news was reported by technology news outlet The Next Web on March 28. Based on research from prominent cybercrime analytics firm Group-IB, this is reportedly the first time the Trojan — now named “Gustuff” — has been reported or analyzed. The malware is described as being designed for mass infection and is spread by SMS messages with links to load malicious Android package kit files. The malware’s creators have reportedly created “Automatic Transfer Systems” that aim to expedite and scale the thefts by triggering autofills of payment fields for legitimate Android apps to maliciously reroute transfers to the hackers. The app is purported..

Crypto Exchange CoinBene Assures Users That Prolonged Maintenance Not Due to...

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinBene has officially reassured users that its prolonged maintenance downtime is not due to a hack, as some had feared. Top-ranked cryptocurrency exchange CoinBene has reassured users that its prolonged maintenance downtime is not due to a hack, as some community members had feared. The exchange made its official announcement in an official tweet today, March 27. With the announcement, CoinBene has responded to users’ ongoing concerns that delays in processing deposits and withdrawals were signs of a possible platform hack. In its statement, CoinBene — currently ranked 4th on CoinMarketCap by adjusted daily trade volume — clarifies that is has been undertaking measures to update the exchange’s wallet immediately. The exchange reports that it had received news from multiple other — unnamed — crypto exchanges of recent thefts of their users’ assets. The CoinBene security team says it then took swift action to protect and upgrade the wallet’s security to protect..

Coinbase to Give Away Over $100 Million in XLM to Users...

Coinbase U.S. users can earn up to $50 in XLM after passing a brief educational program on the Stellar protocol. United States cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it is giving away 1 billion Stellar Lumens (XLM) (about $106 million) to users that are willing to study the Stellar protocol. The news was revealed in a Coinbase blog post published on Tuesday, March 26. The move is part of Coinbase Earn, the exchange’s crypto-focused educational program. The company stated that this particular session of the program is its “biggest yet.” Each eligible U.S. user can gain up to $50 for using the program to study the Stellar protocol. According to the Coinbase Earn website, the program developed in partnership with Stellar consists of five educational videos of up to three minutes each. After watching the videos and completing a set of corresponding quizzes, users reportedly will earn XLM tokens as a reward. The company noted that it has already sent the first group of invitat..

QuadrigaCX’s Legal Representatives Create Affected Users Committee

QuadrigaCX’s legal council has formed a dedicated committee to help provide guidance in representing affected clients of the exchange. A new committee appointed by law firms Miller Thomson and Cox & Palmer will provide guidance in representing affected clients of major Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. The development was announced in a court notice on March 19. In the filing, Miller Thompson reveals that it has established the Official Committee of Affected Users of now-shuttered QuadrigaCX, comprising of seven users affected by the shutdown of the trading platform following the sudden death of its co-founder, Gerald Cotten, last December. At the time, the exchange reported that it was not able to access its cold wallet holdings, as Cotten had purportedly been the sole person with access to wallets’ keys. With the allegedly inaccessible crypto accounting for the vast majority of the exchange’s assets, QuadrigaCX now owes over $198.4 million to an estimated 115,000 users. T..
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