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USDX Wallet: Lightning-Fast, No-Fee, Crypto-Based Payment System

Advertisement This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Stablecoins have been a hot topic in 2018, and many different companies are creating cryptocurrencies for P2P payments. The USDX Wallet payment system stands out from these overly complicated and undeveloped projects by delivering rapid and secure transactions with the ease of sending a text. Whether you are depositing money, organizing international money transfers, paying salaries, or making non-cash transactions, this digital payment system is a secure and reliable choice. As a blockchain-based wallet, USDX Wallet guarantees multi-level security for all transactions and instant transfers of assets via a phone number. The native blockchain used by USDX is based on BitShares, and it allows 100,000 transactions per second. For reference, that is the speed of Visa and Mastercard — combined. Many of th..

Trezor Urges Caution After Discovery of Hardware Wallet ‘One-For-One Copies’ On...

Hardware wallet Trezor has unearthed fake versions of its flagship wallet, ostensibly under manufacture in China. Cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor issued a warning to users Nov. 19 after making what it called the “startling” discovery that rogue actors were creating and selling fake devices. Trezor, which together with Ledger and KeepKey forms one of the oldest and best-known wallet manufacturers, said that an “unknown” third party was distributing “one-to-one copies” of its flagship Trezor One device. “Trezor clones have been released over the years of our activity,” officials said, noting: “However, in recent weeks, we have discovered something more startling. A one-to-one copy of Trezor One. In other words, a fake Trezor device, manufactured by a different, unknown vendor.” The latest move to impersonate aspects of the cryptocurrency sphere, the fake appears not unlike the many social media heists offering fraudulent free tokens and endorsements under the name of ..

Name Your Price: New Wallet Gives Users the Ability to Set...

sponsored ARK, an open-source blockchain platform is releasing their brand new wallet, giving users the chance to set their own fees, enabling them to prioritize low costs over transaction speeds. A blockchain platform which aims to offer cutting-edge technology for fast transactions has unveiled new crypto wallets that give users the ability to set their own fees, and is adding the finishing touches to the second version of its core system. Through dynamic fees, ARK users are able to outline the maximum fee they are prepared to pay in order for their transaction to be completed. The idea is this will create a marketplace – offering flexibility to people who are prepared to wait a little longer for funds to clear in order to keep their costs down. It is hoped that this protocol-level change will help increase levels of competition. If someone is prepared to pay a higher rate, this means that their transaction will be included in the blocks produced by delegates more quickly. There is..

How to Recover Your Wallet if Your Private Keys Are Lost

sponsored The loss of private keys has seen crypto worth millions vanish – but new technology is helping enthusiasts recover wallets without compromising security. Before the internet brought us dog videos and your grandmother’s Facebook updates, losing money was a traumatic experience. Dropping $20 meant you’d probably never see it again – all you’d have left is that unmistakable sensation of feeling stupid. At least in the fiat world, it’s become a little bit harder to lose money. Centralized institutions mean you can recover usernames and passwords in a jiffy – answering a few security questions or showing your ID to regain access. Help is even available if you burn thousands of dollars in a fire, thanks to a specialist department that pieces them back together and exchanges them for shiny new notes. Unfortunately, this is one hurdle that the crypto industry has been struggling to overcome – and in some cases, the consequences have been eye-wateringly costly. Ownership of cryptocu..

Bitcoin Wallet Company, Blockchain, To Give Out $125m Worth Of XLM...

Blockchain, a company that providers Bitcoin wallets is set to launch a Stellar (XLM) airdrop. The company intends to give out $125m in XLM to all the participants of the airdrop. This event will mark the biggest cryptocurrency airdrop in history. The announcement was made during the Lisbon Web Summit on Tuesday by the CEO of the company, Peter Smith. Everyone within the 30 million customer base of the company will be entitled to tokens as long as they participate in the airdrop with verified wallets. Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD Name Price24H (%)$6,476.99 -0.29%$0.234824 -1.78% Blockchain, as a company, offers retail investors digital wallets on a global scale. The giveaway is going to last for six months. The tokens that will be used for the airdrop will be provided by the Stellar Development Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that was created to promote Stellar Lumens (XLM). The giveaway, is called a cryptocurrency airdrop. It is the process of giving out crypto..

eToro Launches Bespoke Cryptocurrency Wallet for Bitcoin and Three Altcoins

Trading platform eToro’s new proprietary crypto wallet will see a phased rollout, the company says, with additional assets appearing in future. U.K. cryptocurrency and fiat trading platform eToro announced the release of its own cryptocurrency wallet today, Nov. 6, with initial support for four cryptoassets. EToro, which last month became the first platform to offer fiat trading of cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s in-house token Binance Coin (BNB), promises to add additional functionality to the product following the initial release. “The eToro wallet today is just the beginning and we will adding a whole host of additional functionality which will include supporting additional crypto and fiat tokens, crypto to crypto conversion, the ability to deposit fiat, payment in store and more,” CEO Yoni Assia commented in the press release. The wallet will at first provide support for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). EToro currently supports fourteen total..

Blockchain.com Wallet Adds Stellar, Announces $125 Mln XLM Airdrop to ‘Drive...

Crypto wallet provider Blockchain.com has launched full support for Stellar (XLM), alongside a massive token airdrop of $125 million in XLM. Cryptocurrency wallet provider Blockchain.com has launched full support for altcoin Stellar (XLM), accompanied by a hefty airdrop of $125 million worth of XLM to its user base. The news was announced in an official blog post today, Nov. 6. Blockchain.com pitched the mammoth offering as “the largest airdrop in the history of crypto and likely the largest consumer giveaway ever,” suggesting that airdrops are “a great way to drive decentralization and adoption for new networks.” The firm underscores that the benefit of crypto airdrops for consumers are that they are able to “test, trade, and transact” unfamiliar crypto assets without having to mine or invest first. Blockchain.com gives the rationale for its choice to launch support for Stellar as being due to the token’s network being “built for scalability,” as well as for its provision of the abil..

Turkish Police Arrest 11 Suspects in Alleged Hack of Cryptocurrency Wallet...

The Turkish police’s cybercrime unit detained 11 suspects in an alleged hack of crypto accounts with victim losses amounting to over $80,000. The Cybercrime Department of the Turkish National Police has arrested 11 suspects in an alleged hack of crypto accounts, with victims reporting more than $80,000 in losses, major Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported Friday, Nov. 2. According to the article, 14 individuals have reported to local prosecution authorities that their crypto wallets were hacked with their Bitcoin (BTC) transferred to other wallets. Following the complaints, the Istanbul police launched an investigation against a group of hackers that had allegedly compromised users’ emails, crypto wallets’ accounts data, and passwords. On Oct. 26, cybercrime unit agents detained 11 people in multiple locations in Istanbul as a result of joint raids with special operations department Harekat police. Ten suspects were taken into custody, with one of them reportedly released on the condit..

Crypto Wallet Opens ‘Most Secure Trading Platform on the Market’ With...

sponsored The exchange platform is integrated into a mobile cryptocurrency wallet. Transferring money via this service is “as simple as sending a text.” SovereignWallet, “one of the most secure mobile cryptocurrency wallets,” announced M-DEX, a new feature for its application. M-DEX is a free-custody mobile exchange platform that has fixed rates and can make the transfer of coins safe and quicker by using atomic swap technology. The new part of blockchain-infrastructureThe company says the M-DEX exchange service will be “the most secure mobile cryptocurrency trading platform on the market.” Users will be the only people who have access to their own private keys, so they will be able to trade their coins directly with each other. According to SovereignWallet, sending or receiving assets won’t require the involvement of a third party. The new service will be fully integrated in January 2019. SovereignWallet also calls M-DEX “one of the first custody-free platforms on the market” which ..

New Zealand Gov’t-Backed Institute Issues Grant to Crypto Wallet and Trading...

New Zealand government-backed innovation institute Callaghan Innovation issued a grant for $330,000 to a domestic crypto wallet and trading service. New Zealand’s state-backed innovation institute Callaghan Innovation awarded a $330,000 grant to a local crypto wallet and trading service, according to a press release published Tuesday, Oct. 30. Callaghan Innovation issued an “R&D Project Grant” to local crypto wallet and trading platform Vimba, a rebranded version of former MyCryptoSaver. Following the grant, the crypto startup is reportedly set to expand its offerings, as well as to list more cryptocurrencies and enable multi-signature crypto wallets. R&D Project Grants are a type of co-funding for a research and development project. A Callaghan Innovation spokesperson told Cointelegraph that the grants fund up to 40 percent of a project, and that 355 such grants were approved during the last fiscal year. Founded in 2014 as MyBitcoinSaver, Auckland-based Vimba platform offers New Zeal..
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