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Facebook Adds Senior Job Vacancy for Calibra Wallet on Careers Site

A vacancy reveals that Facebook is searching for an “experienced analytics leader” to spearhead data science for its upcoming Calibra wallet. Facebook has started advertising for a head of data science to work on its Calibra wallet, a recent job posting shows. According to the tech giant’s vacancy, it is looking for an “experienced analytics leader” who can use data to drive insights, shape the wallet’s future direction, and measure product success. Understanding how users interact with the product and identifying opportunities is listed among the responsibilities. Leadership experience features among the minimum qualifications, along with at least eight years’ experience of quantitative analysis. Describing the perfect candidate, Facebook said they would be “scrappy, results-focused and self-starting” — as well as passionate about delivering “financial services to the underserved around the globe.” The vacancy also sheds some light on the company’s aspirations for Calibra, writing: “..

Report: Facebook’s Calibra Digital Wallet Will Not Be Available in Its...

A spokesperson for Calibra, Facebook’s new digital wallet, says it will not be available in U.S.-sanctioned countries, or those that have banned cryptocurrencies. Facebook’s Calibra digital wallet will not be available in some of the social network’s largest markets, including India, according to a TechCrunch report on June 19. A spokesperson told the website: “The libra blockchain will be global, but it will be up to custo dial wallet providers to determine where they will and will not operate. Calibra won’t be available in U.S.-sanctioned countries or countries that ban cryptocurrencies.” Estimates by Statista suggest there were 260 million Facebook users in India as of April this year — far ahead of the tech giant’s second-largest market, the United States. Earlier this month, Indian lawmakers proposed tough new regulations that could see citizens face a 10-year jail term if they deal in cryptocurrencies. Facebook intends to make Calibra available through a specially created app an..

GateHub Releases PSA on Phishing Scam Targeting Its Ripple Wallet Users

Ripple wallet provider GateHub has announced that a phishing scam has been targeting its wallet users and has published a timeline of the campaign so far. Ripple (XRP) wallet and gateway-as-a-service provider GateHub has warned that there is a phishing scam campaign targeting its cryptocurrency wallet users, as per an announcement on June 13. According to the announcement, GateHub’s wallet users are being sent malicious emails from addresses that look like they are from GateHub: “@gatehub.com” and “@gatehub.net.” The emails instruct the users to transfer their funds to a “secure” wallet, which is owned by the attacker, because their private keys are allegedly compromised due to insufficient security precautions. GateHub notes that, in addition to the attack being an unaffiliated phishing attempt, the service provider never issues private keys via email. GateHub also published a timeline of its correspondences to customers, so that they can verify whether emails received from GateHub a..

Crypto Wallet Provider BRD Partners With Wyre to Roll Out US...

BRD has announced a partnership with blockchain infrastructure firm Wyre that will enable U.S. customers to purchase crypto using bank transfers. Global mobile crypto wallet provider BRD has announced a partnership with blockchain payments and infrastructure firm Wyre that will enable its United States-based customers to purchase cryptocurrencies using bank transfers. The news was revealed in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on June 13. According to the press release, U.S. customers will be able to purchase bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and dai (DAI) by directly linking their BRD wallet to their bank account and making a low-fee transfer. The new service is reportedly supported by over 1,700 U.S. banks, and ostensibly allows for purchases to be completed within five minutes. In a statement, Aaron Lasher, BRD’s chief strategy officer and co-founder, said that the new service aims to ensure that the blockchain sector remains decentralized and inclusive. He alleged that currently m..

Crypto Wallet Says It Offers 1,000 EOS Accounts for Free

sponsored A crypto wallet says it is giving away 1,000 free EOS accounts to users on a first-come, first-served basis. A crypto wallet provider says it has launched a giveaway that allows 1,000 users to get a free EOS account. Lumi Wallet notes the giveaway is taking place on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead of answering quiz questions, preparing a submission or entering into a lottery system, all that participants need to do is sign up in EOS for free. The promotion will end when all of the accounts have been snapped up. The company says the giveaway is in partnership with Minergate and Changelly, and comes as Lumi vies to become “the premier wallet for the EOS blockchain.” Lumi has been integrating blockchain into its ecosystem for a while, and in a previous update, the EOS coin was made available in its wallet for the first time. Diana Furman, the CEO of Lumi Wallet, said: “We decided to make the registration for our users fee-free. Firstly, because we want them to have a..

Binance Launches Native Trust Wallet on Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Binance has released its official Trust Wallet on its decentralized trading platform Binance DEX. Binance, the world’s second largest crypto exchange by adjusted volume, has released its official Trust Wallet on its decentralized trading platform Binance DEX. The news was revealed in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on June 4. As previously reported, Binance acquired Trust Wallet — an open source, decentralized wallet that initially offered native support for ethereum (ETH) and ETH-based tokens — in summer 2018. At the time, Binance had revealed its plans to list the wallet as the default wallet on its forthcoming decentralized exchange (DEX) — then still under development. Since then, the exchange has also rolled out support for multiple cryptocurrencies on Trust Wallet — with plans to support tokens based on protocols using proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithms in future. According to today’s press release, the integrated Trust Wallet will help support Binance DEX users..

Blockchain.info Confirms In-Wallet Paxos Stablecoin Trading Rollout for June 3

Next week’s mobile wallet trading will mark the return of a fifth cryptocurrency to the company’s wallet. Cryptocurrency data aggregator and wallet provider Blockchain.info will launch trading of its fifth coin, paxos standard token (PAX), on Monday, the company told industry news outlet CoinDesk on May 31. Paxos is a United States dollar-pegged stablecoin, and its addition will be a first for Blockchain.info in the stablecoin space. Blockchain currently supports four cryptocurrencies: bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), bitcoin cash (BCH) and stellar (XLM), having removed its limited bitcoin SV (BSV) options earlier this month. The company had hinted about the move for some time, surveying users about their relationship with stablecoins and releasing publicity material. At the start of May, executives confirmed a formal partnership with Paxos. Last week, a dedicated blog post confirmed PAX was live for Blockchain.info’s 37 million wallets. “Launched in September 2018, Paxos Standard token..

Rakuten Wallet Partners With CipherTrace to Assure Safety of Its Upcoming...

Rakuten Wallet has partnered with blockchain security firm CipherTrace to assure AML compliance for the company’s upcoming crypto exchange. A subsidiary of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, Rakuten Wallet, has partnered with blockchain security firm CipherTrace to assure Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance for the company’s upcoming crypto exchange. The development was announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on May 29. CipherTrace — which develops cryptocurrency AML, forensics and regulatory monitoring solutions — will work on improving the safety of Rakuten Wallet’s investors as well as the protection of the integrity and compliance of the exchange. Dave Jevans, CEO of CipherTrace, commented on the cooperation: “We have made significant strides as an industry to make the cryptocurrency market grow and become more trustable. Rakuten Wallet cares about its customers and will work with CipherTrace to make sure that exchanges have optimal protections for mainstream ado..

New Crypto Wallet Accepted by 30,000 Outlets — Lets Users Buy...

sponsored A social commerce tech platform used by famous companies has launched a wallet that enables consumers to buy products from 30,000 outlets. A social commerce technology platform has launched a new wallet that enables consumers to buy real-life products from more than 30,000 points of sale globally. Jet8 says its new wallet is a “connect and transact hub,” giving its community a safe way to store their tokens, earn rewards and send funds to their friends. According to the fintech company, one of the wallet’s most distinctive features gives users the ability to purchase mobile data in any country worldwide — giving them instant access to mobile network connectivity wherever they are. A large network of retailers already accepts the Jet8 Wallet, including big brands such as 7-Eleven in the Philippines, Circle K in Vietnam and other large retailers in Indonesia, India and South Africa. The founder of Jet8, Victor Zabrockis, told Cointelegraph: “Our mission is to connect thousand..

Computer Researcher Finds Wallet Vulnerability That Gave Same Key to Multiple...

Cryptocurrency paper wallet creator WalletGenerator.net ran on code that caused the same key pairs to be issued multiple times, until recently. Online cryptocurrency paper wallet creator WalletGenerator.net previously ran on code that caused private key/public key pairs to be issued to multiple users. The vulnerability was described in an official blog post by security research Harry Denley of MyCrypto on May 24. According to the post, the bad code was in effect by August 2018, and was only recently patched out as of May 23. The live code on the website is reportedly supposed to be open source and audited on GitHub, but there were differences detected between the two. After researching the live code, Denley concluded that the keys were deterministically generated on the live version of the website, not randomly. In one of MyCrypto’s tests between May 18–23, they attempted to use the website’s bulk generator to make 1,000 keys. The GitHub version returned 1,000 unique keys, but the liv..
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