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On November 26-27, The Blockchain Academy Europe will take place in Luxembourg with a special European Edition. After successful trainings in London, Munich and Milan, The Blockchain Academy is expanding its international outreach to answer the needs of global exposure to Blockchain and Bitcoin Education.

The consolidated approach on education is the main driver of The Blockchain Academy 2-Day course. We have chosen Luxembourg because of its importance as an innovative financial hub.

Our goal is to let our participants leveraging knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain and thus giving them a competitive advantage for their professional growth. The Blockchain Academy (2 days) is designed for those who want a complete and effective understanding of Blockchain technology and the growing Bitcoin & Crypto Economy: the first day, is conceived as a conference in the morning in which it will be presented the state-of-the-art technology, while in the afternoon Prof. Ametrano will start its Blockchain course modules. Panel discussions and influent Blockchain speakers will raise the level of the discussion in the afternoon course sessions. The second day will see the continuation of Prof. Ametrano course which will provide an in-depth analysis of the most important technological breakthroughs made possible by Blockchain tech.

Participants can choose whether to attend the Full Academy or only the first day. For the first time we will be having a Special discounted price only for students (see T&C here) since we believe there’s a huge need of Blockchain of training skilled Blockchain professionals and connecting them with innovative companies.

The Blockchain Academy is proving itself right in affirming that, more than a technology, Bitcoin and Blockchain represent a groundbreaking cultural paradigm shift.

Participants will be able to study as well as practice what they will be listening from Ferdinando M. Ametrano from the Politecnico di Milano, and who has been speaking about Bitcoin at Banca d’Italia, Italian Parliament Lower House and IlSole24Ore just to name a few. Ferdinando was also Chairman of the Host Committee for Scaling Bitcoin 2016 in Milan.

Marco Favia, Head of Blockchain Business Board, presenting the event stated that: “We’ve been encouraging a knowledge centered approach when talking about blockchain technology and we’ll continue in this way. I participated as a panelist on Blockchain Education at BlockShow Europe in Berlin and I’m truly convinced that education is one of the most important drivers for Blockchain innovation. Our two-day course is one of those drivers.”

The Blockchain Academy is the new leading blockchain European educational program created by B3 – Blockchain Business Board.


Companies & Startups – To unlock the Blockchain innovation potential inside your organization

Professionals – Leverage our Blockchain Diploma to boost your career

Investors – Know your investment and make the most out of it

Our past Attendance: CxOs, Executives, Senior Managers, Program and Project Managers, Investors, Product Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts, Product & Software Developers, Digital Innovators, Blockchain And Bitcoin Beginners


November 26-27, 2018


Luxembourg (LUX)

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B3 is an International Research Program that aims to explore and share how existing business models could evolve in line with the improvements made possible by the Blockchain technology. We are developing our own Blockchain ecosystem in order to facilitate connections among different stakeholders such as startups, experts, academia, companies, and investors.