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As we progress steadily toward the mass adoption of blockchain technology, the influential power of YouTube cannot be overestimated. The average citizen will most commonly turn to YouTube in order to learn more about the burgeoning technology, as evidenced by just one example: A simple Google search brings up a video entitled Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes that as of September 2018 has garnered 2,092,891 views. This is an indication of just how many ordinary humans are interested in learning about blockchain technology and are using YouTube as their go-to source of information to do so.

The 2018 CryptoInfluence Retreat, set to take place Thursday, September 13th through Saturday, September 15th, is an opportunity not-to-be-missed for crypto-influencers of all stripes to meet, mingle and exchange ideas that will drive the evolution of this impending mass adoption. This remarkable gathering of crypto influencers is a unique chance for fresh collaborations, making new friends, and promoting the growth and progression of this visionary industry – one that is set to transform human interaction and commerce much like the mass adoption of the internet did in 1998.

This epic retreat, which offers YouTubers the opportunity to enjoy a gratis vacation while also providing a rare chance to hobnob with other influential creators, will feature several exclusive parties held at locations in and around San Francisco including the Starlight Lounge rooftop bar atop the famed Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square, the popular pingping inspired nightclub SPiN SF, as well as the BOOSTO headquarters located in Silicon Valley.

The retreat also features four panels spread out across two conferences; BlockWorld in San Jose & The Litecoin Summit in South San Francisco. The panelists will be composed of 20 influential content creators and moderated by BOOSTO CEO Heidi Yu, blockchain musician CoinDaddy, and CryptoInfluence community manager Adam Charles. The panels on days two and three will discuss YouTube in the Blockchain, examining the nuts and bolts of using YouTube to promote blockchain technology, and feature panelists Ready Set Crypto, Chris DeRose of Bitcoin Uncensored, Cryptonauts, Crypto Bobby, Crypto Blood. CoinDaddy, Coin Stories, Patrick Corsino and Crypto Fiend. Also on Day 3 will be two panels that will explore Social Media for Project Awareness & Mass Adoption, which will get into the nitty gritty of how to grow a community for blockchain projects, as well as how to increase awareness of blockchain technology amongst the general population. Panelists for the 3rd and 4th panels include, Bitcoin for Beginners, BritVR, SnipersTube, FUD TV, BTC Sessions, Cryptosomniac, Crypto Beadles, Miggity Miner and Crypto Love.

This annual, landmark event is sponsored by, the decentralized app store and parent company to Cryptoinfluence, a DApp powered by the BOOSTO protocol.

The BOOSTO protocol allows for indie developers to build personalized DApps for influencers, which they can then use to monetize their talents directly to their fans. The platform eliminates middlemen, like the app stores and social media companies, while also enabling content creators to generate revenue without having to rely on intrusive ads or sponsored content. The BOOSTO ICO begins September 18th, and is currently whitelisting.

With an anticipated crowd of more than 5,000 guests across all events, the CryptoInfluence Retreat will have in confirmed attendance 25 YouTubers who together reach an average of 212,000 fans per day with a combined 777,000 daily views. Thus, allowing for innumerable possibilities for stimulating interactions and exchanges.

In addition to the four panels, the retreat is open to all YouTubers with profiles on CryptoInfluence, and it offers participants room in the schedule for a full day of sightseeing and relaxation, plus access to all events including an exclusive influencer only VIP party.

This event offers YouTubers, who are at the frontlines of crypto education an opportunity to combine their resources and talents in educating industry professionals on the tremendous importance of YouTube in the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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The CryptoInfluence Retreat is an annual event held each year to offer content creators within the Blockchain Space a chance to meet, network, & collaborate with each other. Events associated with the retreat include conference panels, sightseeing, group dinners, and exclusive afterparties! The retreat is powered by BOOSTO, a decentralized app store that returns power & freedom to creators & makers!

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