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In today’s economic world, there is a significant problem that is stealing money right out of the pockets of millions of people: inflation. This is especially true in countries such as Turkey and Argentina, where the country’s national currencies are currently facing volatile inflation rates and continue to lose value by the day.

Fortunately, there have been ideas floating around the blockchain industry that are aimed at combating crumbling inflation rates. Cue the Tiberius Coin.

A Solution To Global Inflation

The Tiberius Coin was designed as a logical response to the real-world problem of inflation in developing countries with emerging markets. The coin works by being pegged directly to metals that are part of a global market much more stable, and considerably more significant than all the cryptocurrency markets combined.

By using blockchain technology, the Tiberius Coin provides a solution to the problem of inflation by granting each coin holder the direct ownership over a certain amount of metals that are supported and protected by the legal framework based on Swiss jurisdiction.

For coin holders and investors, this means that they will be in possession of a commodity that will always beat inflation rates since metals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This is because metal is used to manufacture almost everything that we use as part of our everyday lives. From cars and computers to our houses and cell phones, the demand for metals will always exist and newer, developing technologies will only increase the need for them as time goes on.

Therefore, by holding a coin that is pegged directly to a stable commodity, you’ll be protected from the threat of volatile inflation rates faced by most cryptocurrencies today. And, you’ll also benefit from the increasing demand for metals in the future.

How Tiberius Coin Works

When you invest in cryptocurrencies, their price is almost always valued at whatever rate is assigned to them based on current market conditions. On the other hand, when you invest in a Tiberius Coin, it’s price is tied directly to physical assets; metals, which means that the value of a Tiberius Coin can never drop as low as zero.

Therefore, while the majority of cryptocurrency investors are focused on volatile digital assets such as Bitcoin, those who invest in Tiberius Coin won’t ever have to worry about inflation since their tokens are tied a stable asset directly.

For decades, commodities, such as metals, have been known to be considerably more stable than any other type of asset. Furthermore, metals are traded in every country around the world, meaning that the owner of a Tiberius Coin never has to face the risks of dealing with any one nation’s currency.

So, even if the value of one national currency drops considerably, the holder will still be able to exchange their token for some other national currency which is increasing in value. This means that Tiberius Coin is protected by the fact that it can be traded against a multitude of different currencies that include both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Behind The Tiberius Coin

When the Tiberius Coin was designed, its creators specifically chose three strategies for it that are meant to guarantee its value in the long-term. With this in mind, each Tiberius Coin is tied directly to metals that are used in the manufacturing of modern technologies such as computers and mobile devices, electric vehicles, and batteries, as well as a third category of metals to add even more stability to the token.

Beating Volatile Inflation Rates

As we’ve mentioned, inflation is a significant problem in almost all emerging markets around the world today, and this affects both cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies. Therefore, Tiberius Coin has been created as a solution to this ever-growing threat of volatile inflation rates.

While there is no practical way to stop inflation, Tiberius Coin can at least shield investors from it by providing a way for them to protect their money. Its creators have been working hard to create a solution that relies on both stable commodities, as well as the underlying power of blockchain technology.

So, if you’re an investor looking for a safe way to invest your wealth, look no further than the Tiberius Coin, and you’ll be able to stay in control of how much your money is worth.

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