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On September 6th, Vena Network successfully held the fourth chapter of VENA Global Tour in partnership with Chinese Blockchain Investors Meetup Group (CBI), the largest Blockchain investors community in New York City. Attendees from the CBI community on Wall Street learned more about Vena Network and shared their thoughtful ideas.

Ching Zhu, CEO of Vena Network, started the presentation with her vision of Vena Network about building a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network. Vena Protocol’s first applications will be in OTC trading and collateral lending, enabling free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Now Vena Network has publicized official Singapore node and there are 1000 selected users testing the Alpha platform.

Photo: Vena Network CEO Ching Zhu Addressing Questions from Community in New York City

Vena Network aims to build a distributed financial network where all nodes can share orders in this network. To put it simply, orders submitted on different nodes can be matched for transactions, and transactions across different regions will prosper with high market liquidity when the network is mature.

Every KOL or traffic portal compliant with law can use Vena Network’s open source SDK to build a financial product and become part of Vena Network, they can monetize the traffic by providing financial services such as wealth management, lending, OTC, cryptocurrency exchange and other financial services.

During the Fireside Chat, Elaine Li, co-organizer of CBI, discussed with Ching about Vena Network’s market potential by comparing with traditional player such as LendingClub and Blockchain company as Celsius Network. Having years of experience in financial services, many attendees also raised questions about red hot topics including P2P lending, risk management and collateralization.

Regarding these questions, Ching emphasized that, with the team’s rich experience in financial risk management, strategic focus on technology development, effective roadmap, cooperative partners and competitive interest rates, Vena Network will certainly gain edges over its competitors.

Vena Network will launch its public sale soon and the official Singapore node platform can provide investment opportunities with an annual interest rate of 8-10%.

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