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The blockchain space can breathe a sigh of relief as Verifer have firmly arrived, bringing with them some much-needed expert investigative insight; identifying and tackling critical weaknesses in the blockchain space, veteran investigation firm Global Spy have rebranded to Verifer as they launch their innovative next-gen blockchain based research platform. Led by a team with an impressive 6 years of experience in the investigations industry, the decentralised Verifer ecosystem will focus largely on providing transparent, efficient and effective investigative data within the ICO and blockchain arena.

Shedding Investigative Light on the Problematic Blockchain Space

The blockchain space is crying out for credible, reliable insight into the ICO market especially, bruised and battered by a mixture of market conditions and a consistent flood of inefficient or scam projects. The current Wild West-style ICO market environment not only offers little protection for market participants from unscrupulous actors such as scammers and hackers, but also often results in many legitimate projects failing due to unidentified inadequacies.

The current Wild West of a market is clearly neither healthy for current market participants or attractive to potential new investors. Improvement in the space would require nothing less than a provably credible, reliable and inherently transparent decentralised investigation entity.

This is the call of Verifer, who have vowed to transform the blockchain space with their newly launched cutting-edge investigations platform.

Investigators Global Spy Rebrand to ‘Verifer’ As they Launch Next-Gen Blockchain Platform

GlobalSpy Ltd has been a successful and multi-faceted industry leading investigation firm since its inception in 2012, displaying a consistently stellar rate of growth. The truly global company consists of an expanding base of nine employees based in Finland, Switzerland, USA, China and the Philippines, with offices located in Finland and Estonia. The team are notably experienced in their field, containing a varied array of experts from police officers to investigation entrepreneurs; this is not a team thrown together overnight but an assembly of seasoned veterans in their field.

Figure 1- Snapshot of the Verifer team; more information can be found on the website:

Previously, Global Spy have focused on utilising their expertise to provide an array of investigative solutions mainly centred around the business, banking and casino industries. Throughout their years of operation, the company have refined, optimised and standardised their investigation processes to provide an efficient and consistently high-quality solution in these areas. Global Spy’s success has seen them grow to become one of the largest providers of AML, PEP, KYC- and various other Compliance verification- worldwide, demonstrating a rich previous history of thorough vetting and verifying of companies and people.

Verifer has now set its sights firmly on the blockchain space, and is looking to transform the critically problematic ICO market environment through their blockchain-based platform focused on delivering quality, reliable and transparent investigative data.

Innovative Blockchain-based Investigation Platform

The newly launched Verifer platform itself utilises an array of cutting-edge technologies to provide an effective investigation ecosystem, inherently disrupting the current space in more ways than one; not only does the blockchain-based ecosystem provide technologically reliable, secure and transparent data for investigators, but will now also enable a greater chance of success for blockchain-based start-ups who can now be equipped with valuable investigative data regarding potential project shortcomings.

Blockchain technology provides the base layer to Verifer’s decentralised investigative ecosystem, whilst reactive bots will consistently monitor any currently ‘verified’ projects, detecting any adjustments which might impact their given rating and efficiently relay such data through the Verifer ecosystem. All services within the Verifer platform are exclusively be available for purchase via their native ERC20 SPY token, guaranteeing an inherent demand for SPY tokens of roughly $3 million.

Boasting an impressive rate of 25% growth from 2016, Global Spy’s 2017 turnover reached $2.2 million with a net profit of $220,000. The company’s expansion into such blockchain-related verification products, combined with their consistent historical 25% minimum annual growth, set Verifer in good stead to reach an impressive projected $2.6-2.9 million in turnover.

Figure 2- SPY token distribution and crowdfunding revenue usage, as displayed on the website:

The Verifer team have a clear and proven track record for their capacity to deliver stellar company growth year after year and show no signs of reducing their performance; 2017 saw the company conduct 2600 PEP and AML verifications, whilst pre-orders for 2018 are exceeding 4000pcs. Relating to blockchain-related solutions, Verifer’s target is to deliver 20,000pcs to clients in 2019 and over 100,000pcs in 2020.

Verifer’s vision is both revolutionary and necessary; a credible, reliable voice within the ICO market will undoubtedly contribute to the blockchain industry evolving into a more solid, well-founded and credible space with clear benefits overall.

The Verifer platform has just been launched, equipped immediately to process thousands of AML, PEP, Compliance and KYCs daily, so watch this space!

Investigate for Yourself- Learn More About Verifer

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