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November 29, 2018– Volentix is pleased to announce the initial design for its analytical engine VESPUCCI is complete.

Vespucci is designed to respond to the demand for useable metrics relating to cryptocurrency trading. Vespucci will provide historical and real-time market data to produce rankings and trends, as well as software development assessments and sentiment analyses.
Vespucci is one of the four core constituents of the Volentix digital assets ecosystem. Vespucci integrates with the multi-currency peer-to-peer wallet VERTO, the incentives-based recruitment platform VENUE, and the planned decentralized exchange VDEX.
Vespucci introduces three categories of analysis: (1) sentiment analysis (SA); (2) fundamental and technological analysis (FTA); and (3) technical analysis (TA). Vespucci utilizes transparent methodology and comprehensive data collection techniques to prevent bias. Vespucci’s open-source software provides customized solutions employing existing technology compatible with and inspired by both EOS and Ethereum.
For further technical details, please visit the official website to watch for upcoming publication of the Vespucci white paper.

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