XRP (XRP) has been in the limelight more often lately, as the third largest digital currency in the world by market cap found favor in the sight of the bulls. XRP (XRP) was all over the news a few days ago, as the digital currency saw an enormous spike in its value, with over 80 percent gain in less than twenty-four hours and more than 100 percent in seven days, bringing the value of the coin close to the 80 cents mark, a level it hasn’t tested for a long while.

Nevertheless, the value of the coin has plunged a bit, but it is still holding on to the 100 percent gains it has amassed over the past seven days.

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Content Creators to Earn XRP (XRP) via Coil

There are lots of reasons out there why the digital currency saw such a massive boost in its value. Many have attributed the rally to the partnership of its parent company – Ripple Labs Inc. – with PNC. Others have attributed it to the forthcoming launch of xRapid solution – one of Ripple’s product that uses XRP to facilitate cross-border payments.

Nevertheless, Coil – a San Francisco-based firm which is headed by the CTO of Ripple, Stefan Thomas – could also be one of the pioneers of the recent price rally of XRP. With Coil, content creators of some of the largest platforms on the internet can now accept tips or payments in XRP (XRP).

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XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

Name Price 24H (%)
$0.53 -8.84%

XRP Price Analysis Today

The value of XRP is still in a major upward trend. The value of the coin recently surged from about 30 cents to almost 80 cents and formed a new monthly high at the 79 cents level before it started correcting lower. The digital currency broke a lot of resistance during its uptrend, nevertheless, it is now capped at the 60 cent mark. A break over the 60 cents and 68 cents level is needed for the value of the coin to surge towards the 79 cents and 80 cents level.


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